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Selling some Goldfrapp posters

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  • Wow that so cool! I’d love a supernature album poster! I’m from the US... so if you need extra for shipping, I’m ok with that. :)
  • Hey Christian

    That's totally cool with me - I'm busy today and i'm recovering from emergency surgery as well. But i'll get pictures up later on today and I'll throw in one of the logo posters as well for you. YOu can pick green or pink but the green one is flawless.

    I'll check postage prices for you tomororw, then get back to you to check if the cost is alright. I have shipped to the US before so it's not a problem,  i can get an accurate quote for you, rather than a guesstimate.

    Thanks Mark 
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  • Yeah no rush at all, hope you feel better soon!
    Green is my favorite color ;) I’ll send you an email.
  • Nice one - i may have some extra goodies - i can pop in as well but i'll keep them a surprise  ;;)
  • Look forward to seeing the pics as it looks like you have some I haven't.
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  • It’ll be tomorrow now as I’m out at a gig. Having to sit down at a gig isn’t my thing at all. They are all the album/single release posters if that’s any help
  • I'd love the Felt Mountain poster myself, and live in Scotland so not far hopefully :-)  Look forward to hearing from you
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  • I take it the pictures were removed? (Would have liked to see them)
  • Please don't sell me
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  • I finally got some frames for my posters, they look great! I'll have to figure out how to share a pic. 

    I really love the logo poster, the holographic text is amazing!

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