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Spare Llama available for dinner party entertainment
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  • I don’t think Iuv would be too interested in my bedchamber to be fair.
  • We could always redeploy Iuv as chief executioner and master of the tower.
  • An Utterly Impartial History Of Britain by John O'Farrell is amazing.  I've never read a history book that really told it like it is.
  • Gotta say I like the idea of foreign affairs but I want to be King too!
  • Look Mr- You get what your given! Or else! :))
  • As you wish.
  • That's more like it. Do as I say. Not as I do. [-(
  • Of course!  But, I had to ask!   (Please let me be Emperor... Please, please, please, please).
  • I think the best thing about Henry VIII is Greensleeves.
  • Did he actually compose that tune. Well some may argue that the greatest thing he ever did was start up The Church of England but I happen to disagree.

    So you want to be Julius Ceaser?
  • Henry VIII is certainly attributed with composing it.  Considering his penchant for shouting "Off with their heads!" with such glee and without even breaking into a sweat, it seems very feasible that the actual composer might have liked his head on his shoulders more than getting tribute for a great song.  I mean, he wouldn't have even gotten royalties.  Little did he know that centuries later it would still be praised by many and may be for centuries more.  

     The Church of England certainly was a bit more of a scam than most splinter religions.  But, essentially, so was every splinter since the Catholic church, really.

    Emperor Whickwithy does have a certain ring to it.  Of course, my realm would not be anything like the dusty old Roman Empire.  But, there is only once condition under which being Emperor would really make sense.
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  • I really want to start a History thread where we can share things that we know, have read or visited.

    I didn't even know who Anne Gainsford was but now I learn that she had to testify against Anne Boleyn. I still believe to the very day that Anne Boleyn was totally set up by someone in Henry's inner circle.

    I still need to visit Kenilworth Castle, Hatfield House and Hever Castle which is in Kent. I've been to loads of old stately homes. I've even been to Althorp where the late Princess Diana is buried. I saw all of her dresses in large display cabinets and couldn't help but shed a tear for her. 
    I love going to museums and looking at decadent things. I had a colleague years ago say to me 'why are you so enchanted by the past and objects of the past when we live in the now?'

    I said 'then you don't appreciate what this world has to offer and how far we have moved forward.' I can go to any museum, castle or stately home and be enthused about it.
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  • Back to the llamas. I hear them muttering... :-@
  • @serenity I read Anne Boleyn's brother told Henry that she had said he was a huge fat-ass and had no stamina in bed and that other lovers she had were better. I think Henry killed her out of humiliation, the whole male heir thing was just a cover. I think he be-headed her past lovers too in jealous rage.
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    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • PG what do you make of this hypothesis?


    (Post your response on the history thread). 
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