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  • Well hello you lovely frapptastic people.

    Did any of you get any unusual/ weird presents today where all you could do was just keep staring at it hoping you had an eyelash stick in your eye.

    Every year the present i get from my nana gets more interesting. Mind you my mom ended up with a strange looking gift from my step dad that looked like a fluffy toilet bum seat (it wasn't but I howling) 
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  • Nothing crazy for me this year, but I did hear about a funny gift and your comment reminded me...

    "Princess Anne once got Prince Charles a leather toilet seat that he loves so much he brings it with him while traveling."


  • Yeah- he probably needs the 'extra' support.

    Speaking of Princess Anne, she comes across as quite an expressionless person. Quite rigid and very set in her ways.
  • Nearly had a vets emergency thanks to a Christmas pressie last night! Our dog Boo impaled half a Jumbone on her teeth and couldn’t wiggle it off. We were starting to get quite panicky by the time an hour had passed and it was still there filling her mouth. I was worried she’d choke on it if if did come loose, but went in ( slightly heroically I have to say) with thick rubber gardening gloves and an etching tool to chip the bloody thing away from her gnashers. It worked and I kept all my fingers. A warning to all dog owners- Jumbones are dangerous.
    By the way, where’s Maus these days? Missing Maus pictures.
  • Lets nominate Kat for a Heroes of Britain award! Is Boo ok now?

    Yes where is Maus? I loved the picture of Maus with her Stilton bone.
  • Oh yeah, she’s fine, mooching for nibbles constantly as usual. I didn’t see that pic of Maus- when was that?
  • It was a very long time ago. I've not heard Maus's name mentioned so i hope Maus is ok.

    We need some puppy love. I know I do.
  • Maus is good! currently running around Malibu Beach, according to Lisa Gunning's instagram. :)


  • Wow aren't you popular with the celebrities lol.
  • Forgot her IG was set to private. She accepted me and doesn't know who I am, so maybe she'll accept anyone?  It's a picture of maus running on a beach. 
  • I don't wish to be on Instagram anyway and don't feel comfortable befriending celebrities or people that i dont know. At least Maus hasn't disappeared though so I'm glad.

    Maybe Alison is too busy to look after Maus these days.
  • I hardly venture on Twitter and look what happened there! Erm no thanks.

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