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  • I love Autumn. The foggy mornings and the sharp white blinding sun. The fresh crisp air and crunchy golden leaves under your boots when you walk. I always get excited for Bonfire Night. I always go to  event every year with friends. So much joy standing and warming myself by a big open fire and smelling the burning wood, glowing splints firing off in all directions. Eating a burger or hotdog and going on the fair rides.

    Oh and the new TV Dramas are always glorious when they stick a bit of Charles Dickens on the telly. Nothing better than drinking mulled wine with the fireplace roaring away.

    My favourite time of year. x
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  • Mine too for all of the above plus the glorious sunsets we see from our house. Seems to be more wildlife visible too- yesterday two foxes scooted across our path, really close by- wow.
  • Oh, and tawny owl over the garden the night of the harvest moon. Couldn't make it up.
  • Awww wow!! You must live in an amazing place! You should start a wildlife picture gallery thread!
  • Slight problem of never having my bloody camera on me when I need it though!
  • Well- you could try using a mobile phone device. That's if you've got a smart phone. In fact it would be easier because you could upload everything onto one drive or the cloud.

    Cameras are bulky devices whereas a smart phone is more slim line and fits into a pocket.
  • I have one of those yes...which reminds me, I don't know where I've put it. You get my point.
  • :)] This was what came to mind after reading your last message above.
  • Ahhh, yes!  The finest season of the year.  It invigorates!
  • Loverly 2 c u whicky!
  • You too, Serenity!
  • The fall in New England. On the bucket list !
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