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New York gig 26/27th April @Brooklyn Steel
  • New dates added :)
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  • Utopia304 said:

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be coming down from Boston with bells on !!!

    Gonna try & tie this in with a work trip from London. Fingers XXX
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  • Did anyone get the mailing list pre-sale e-mail? Saw on the website that it will be on the 15th, but haven't heard anything else yet. so excited! 
  • Did anyone get the mailing list pre-sale e-mail? Saw on the website that it will be on the 15th, but haven't heard anything else yet. so excited! 

    Nothing out yet.
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  • Presale link is out :)
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  • If it's general admission, it's first come first served... whoever lines up first is let in first and is in the front row. When I saw Goldfrapp in Oakland I was there at 9am... and was still 3rd in line (others ahead of me were there at 8) .
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  • @TinSoldier I hope your ankle gets better soon!!
  • Jonyc said:

    It is the same poster (image wise) as the one being sold on the site as I got one from both MG (which I'm still waiting for btw) & the venue on the 27th. As for the size, gauge etc. I'm not sure about as MG gives absolute no description of the product!! I guess you can email them? But who knows if you would even get a response!! I can let you know when I do receive the order, but who knows how long that will be! Uggh
    One other thing that I found very odd at the venue was that they would not sell the poster until the gig ended! I really had to fight my way to the merchandise counter and it was a nightmare!
    I do not think we met.. I was standing next to a guy from Argentina & a couple from Florida. Anyway, I hope you are able to locate a new poster that is comparable to the one being sold at the venue!!

    Thanks for the info, and let us know if it is indeed different (assuming I don't go and order it myself - ugh more than twice the price if I did...and no Will signature. Makes you want to cry). :(

    Shame we didn't meet. I was near the front of the line both nights, and hoped many I'd meet there would be so hardcore they would be on here as well, but not all were.

    Gotta say, I met some great human beings those nights. Not just kind due to my ankle, but just great to everyone. One, Matt, even gave away extra SE postcards to those waiting to see A & W after the show who had nothing to sign (were in same boat regarding the posters). Just great people. It put a smile on my face. :)

    Jonyc said:

    @TinSoldier I hope your ankle gets better soon!!

    Thanks! Might be a few weeks yet before I'm walking normally. Hopefully in time for the Mute Erasure album release party in NYC in a few weeks! :)

    We were definitely very close on the 27th! I was directly behind the first row of people on the right side of the stage!! ☺️
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  • It was a magical couple of shows that Goldfrapp played in Brooklyn. The band was on top form, sounded fantastic and they utilized the stunning projection imagery like they did at the roundhouse.

    I was very spoiled as i got front row both nights, lined up at the venue around 3:00pm. I had taken several days off of work and came up from DC.

    It is very special to see Goldfrapp as they primarily only come to NY when they tour the states, so a lot of hardcore fans came in from far away to see them, plus they do have a loyal following in NY since they do always come back every couple of years. So the crowd was particularly welcoming, very loud and cheered for Alison as often as possible. She seemed quite overwhelmed and grateful most of the time. I have never seen her more relaxed, happy, and charismatic on stage.

    For those at the show, on the second night when she was talking about wanting to move to NY, I was the one in the front row she was speaking to when she asked if she could move in with me. (jokingly as NY is obviously very expensive). She froze me for a second as she hardly ever interacts directly with people in the crowd in the 10 plus years i've been seeing them live. I think i was able to mutter a few words, though she left me speechless.

    After the show a bunch of stayed after to try and meet the band. The first night  i was able to talk to Will for a minute and get his signature. Alison did sign a few things for a hot minute though it was drizzling a little and cold, so one of her managers encouraged her to go inside the car to avoid getting sick. The second night she did sign for a bit longer and take photos, though it went by very quickly (maybe 5 minutes). Overall she seemed in very good spirits.

    A big shout out to TinSoldier and all the other amazing fans i met at the shows. Hope we can do it all again in the fall!

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  • I'm in New York the 20th through the 25th. So of course she'll be in Brooklyn the day after I leave. Sigh.
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  • I followed the link but NO Goldfrapp date is listed, where are you seeing those dates ?? When you click on the calendar it's empty ?
  • THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be coming down from Boston with bells on !!!

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