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votes for next single
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  • iuventus said:

    Why release another single when they're all already available as singles? For promotional purposes, they'd be better off selling the rights to Revlon and RC Cola and MoonPies.

  • Systemagic!
    Become The One!

    but most likely just Systemagic. 
  • If they can at least squeeze out one more and choose Systemagic, the album will rake in more sales. Apple Music just featured it in their "A" playlist or whatever it is, as well.
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  • I've love to see Systemagic and Everything Is Never Enough, though they could definitely do a fourth too. Let's hope Mute plan to keep the campaign going.
  • I heard Systemagic on the radio a few days ago! If its the kind of song that stations are willing to play without it being a single, then its an obvious choice. My only problem with Systemagic and Anymore being singles is that they kind of misrepresent the album as they are the only two real dancy tracks.
  • I'd quite like them to push Ocean as a single with an incredible video and then release Systemagic.. Of course, Zodiac Black would be epic with a video but not sure how it would fare as a standalone single.

    Anymore-Ocean-Systemagic (possible ZB) is an interesting singles run showcasing every side to the album
  • Zodiac Black should honestly be the very last choice for a single

  • Well there you go, it's Systemagic

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  • Please, tell me there are roller skates!
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • yes yes yes yes yes yes systemagic yessss
  • According to Twitter I believe a new video will be appearing in due course for Systemagic.

  • GOOD. 

    It would have been a wasted opportunity to really grab people's attention if they chose something else, as much as I love Ocean, Tigerman and the others. Systemagic has that snap, crackle, and roar to it that the young crowd gravitates towards. It should move more than a few records too.

    Just hope we actually see more than a few frustratingly quick (blink and miss them) shots of Alison in this, and I personally hope it isn't another interpretative dance skit as it's going to get really old, really fast. Ideally, get her to join in as she certainly can move!

    Maybe a Will cameo, too? 
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  • Ooh and about 14 remixes.... and a b side I get the feeling.
  • Ooh and about 14 remixes.... and a b side I get the feeling.

    They haven't done a proper B-Side since Supernature, though, more than 10 years ago. Lee was from the deluxe album and We Radiate was from a soundtrack... 

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