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Goldfrapp "hopeful" for bigger show in America/Europe in fall
  • Mentioned in this interview: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/7717336/goldfrapp-ocean-silver-eye-premiere

    Seems they plan to return to the US (yay!) and more of Europe (duh, you're the lucky ones). If only they still had "Supernature" level charting, we might get the bigger show that they seem to want :/

    * Sorry in advance for a new thread if it bothers anyone, but I'm personally not a huge fan of gigantic threads with multiple topics being discussed simultaneously (i.e. the massive all-inclusive "Silver Eye" thread). Nice to have things all in one place (interviews, reviews) to refer to, but can make it harder to find and join discussions about specific items!
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  • I wish that Alison and Co. were given more recognition than half of the crappy artists in the charts today. Some bands can not span musical genres or produce any varied music.

    I hope Goldfrapp do play at the big stellar gigs such as Glastonbury or V Festival and manage to get to most of the UK big cities.

    I think it would be a nice touch if Alison did some more operatic duets at the Royal Albert Hall or something on those lines. A cover of the old timeless classics.
  • I think the spring tour is just an early warm-up before festivals in the summer, and proper big tour in the autumn!
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  • Does anyone know of any Summer dates here in the UK yet? I'm pinning my hopes on them as we can't get to the Spring ones.
  • It feels like Silver Eye is the most promoted and marketable release since Supernature, in my opinion. It certainly has the most potential for being given a large-scale tour like the old days.

    If they could make it over to the U.S for the HF tour despite disliking the album, I'd be surprised if they didn't come over to the U.S (and  N A A  at damn last) with such a widely appealing album as Silver Eye.

    Hopefully they put out more music videos and singles, and get some TV appearances secured (Jools, Conan, Ellen, etc). That will be huge in getting them over here, especially if they choose tracks like Systemagic and Ocean as singles.

    Something tells me these warm-ups and festivals are indeed a method of ironing out kinks for a tour that actually crosses the ocean for more than just a few shows. Honestly, if they don't finally come back to Canada with this tour, I'll very much doubt them ever returning as this is the type of album that would rake in the most ticket sales. It takes a lot of money and marketability to make it over here for bands that aren't firmly fixed in the spotlight.
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