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  • bit of a shaky video here of 'the service of tim henman'
  • Just read you got tickets for one of his upcoming Moog extravaganzas. Lucky!
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Will has just posted in his Moog Ensemble news, June gigs being finalised in Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol and Reading.

    Just booked my tickets for Reading on 14 June

  • Wills moog ensemble are releasing an album on 19th March
  • Brandenburg 3: ¡Qué divertido!
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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I posted this on other social media sites so apologies if you've already seen it - Blimey I've just gone whizzing back to the1970's when my dad came home with a copy of 'Switched on Bach' by Wendy (Walter) Carlos a quadraphonic pressing no less. We didn't have the kit but it played equally well in stereo. Even as a young kid I was enthralled and have loved Bach ever since. Went searching for an digital version of the original and couldn't believe ho expensive it was. Can't wait for the full release on the 19th.
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • the moog ensemble will be on the Freak Zone this sunday
  • Gonna try and catch this!
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Do you guys know where to buy\download the album? The only option I found is on this site http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/ but it only lets you download the first track and I can't find a way to get full album :C
  • I saw the splendid Mr. G and his Moog Ensemble at Birmingham town hall last night. It was certainly... different. The evening (part of the experimental music and arts Supersonic Festival) was introduced by none other than Radio 6 Music DJ par excellence and all-round fine fellow Stuart Maconie. He was, not unexpectedly, very droll and full of enthusiasm. The support act was a guy on guitar and a girl on violin called Fains, who hail from Nottingham. They performed three brooding instrumental tracks that reminded me of both Ry Cooder's score for 'Paris Texas' and Howard Shore's music for Cronenberg's 'Crash'. I really enjoyed their all too brief performance and will happily go and see them again. Will then took to the stage with his fellow players. He spoke to the audience in between tracks and was very witty and charming. He seemed completely relaxed and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself. The first half of the show was dominated by synth interpretations of classical pieces by the likes of Bach, Handel and Debussy in the style of Wendy Carlos, plus a few original compositions by various Ensemble members. After a 20 minute interval they were back for an eclectic mix of tunes that included two particular favourites of mine: Burt Bacharach's 'South American Getaway' from 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid' and a suite of John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York'. There was also a particularly strange piece called 'Noise Box' which consists entirely of white noise! (Can't see that one getting playlisted on commercial radio anytime soon!) What I enjoyed most, though, were a pair of original Will compositions entitled 'Evil Eyes' and 'English Country Dancing' written to accompany, of all things, ultra slow motion footage of tennis player Tim Henman. They were both superb, the latter having a real 'Frapp vibe. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening with the performance greeted warmly by a very enthusiastic audience. How many apart from myself were GF fanatics? Hard to tell, really. I'd be the first to admit that it's decidedly challenging avant garde music that may not be to everyone's liking - including those who adore Will's extraordinary work with Alison - but I would certainly go and see The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble in concert again. 

  • I saw the splendid Mr. G and his Moog Ensemble at Birmingham town hall last night.

    Thanks for the very insightful post, JTFM.  I can't say I'm much into music that is too avant garde but if I ever got the chance, I would surely have to check out the Moog Ensemble.  I'd actually love to hear that white noise.  It can be quite soothing.

    Ha!  Ry Cooder!  Somehow, he never impressed me as brooding.  More, "Bop 'til you drop" kinda feel.  But, I'd never heard "Paris Texas" before.  Pretty broody in a nice way.
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  • i'm not sure you'll find it soothing ww but here is Noise Box
    i was at the gig in brum too JTFM, i saw them last year too, i really like the sounds they make.
  • I have not had much exposure to Ry Cooder, but I know he is a great exponent of slide guitar and I remember him from the music to Southern Comfort, which I remember greatly enjoying both as a film and still as a drink.
    (Southern Coolers are still my hard tipple of choice).
    This was a Cajun based movie which, from memory, is part of your heritage WW?
    Had to pop this in at this point.
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    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  •  This was a Cajun based movie which, from memory, is part of your heritage WW?

    Sure is.  Hate Southern Comfort but love Southern Nights.

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