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The Three Wise Women of 6 Music this Christmas - Alison on 26th Dec
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    Pioneering creative, Alison Goldfrapp, is the third of The Three Wise Women. She’ll be keeping listeners warm with her musical wisdom in her show on Boxing Day. She has been an innovative presence in music for over a decade, with her albums touching upon everything from triphop to stomping electro-glam to pastoral folk, and this year she has also co-created an award winning 30-minute film. Her 6 Music Archive selections are The First Time With David Lynch (6-7pm) and Iggy Pop’s ‘Car Songs’ themed show (7-9pm). Alison’s overnight documentary picks are La Chanson de Serge: The Serge Gainsbourg Story presented by Malcolm McLaren, The Morricone Affair - a tribute to the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, a rare Kate Bush interview from 2005 in which she talks about her album Aerial, and in the Live Hour she has chosen Air (1998), Leonard Cohen (1969), Stereolab (1991), and Radiohead at Glastonbury (1997). Alison has also selected Iggy Pop’s John Peel Lecture 2014 about free music in a capitalist society.

    Alison Goldfrapp said, “I’m delighted to have been chosen by BBC 6 Music as one of their 'Wise Women' this Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to digging through 6 Music's incredible archive of music and documentary content and presenting my personal favourites to the station’s listeners, alongside the brilliant Neneh Cherry and St Vincent. It will be a Christmas treat both for me and hopefully for all of you listening at home.”

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  • Note that there is already a thread about this :-)
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  • Mmmmm...  When Alison did that DJ spot a few months ago, I tried listening to BBC 6 Music, and found the station enormously irritating.  I'm not sure that I can entirely recall why I so disliked it, but one irritant was that it kept interrupting her DJ spot with trailers for other programmes.
  • That's the BBC for you - they're so afraid of people tuning out, hence things like voice-overs during the credits on the tv to tempt you to stay!

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