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  • I own more than a hundred music DVDs, and now I've started to add to them a few music Blu-ray discs.  There are just five, so far:

    2 Kylie
    2 Girls Aloud
    1 Katzenjammer

    I expect that other people on here have embryonic music Blu-ray collections.  I wonder what you've managed to find in this relatively new format.

    Nothing from Goldie and the Frappers, of course.  Given their record on releasing DVDs, I think it would be unwise to hold one's breath until there's a Goldfrapp Blu-ray disc.

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  • Here's a closer look at the Katzenjammer Blu-ray disc.

    This has only been released in Germany.  I ordered it from Amazon.de.

  • Surely I can't be the only person have bought any music Blu-ray discs.
  • Currently residing in my collection:

    Adèle - Live at The Royal Albert Hall
    Anathema - Universal
    Britney Spears - Live The Femme Fatale Tour
    Caro Emerald With The Grandmono Orchestra ‎– Live In Concert At The Heineken Music Hall
    Garbage ‎– One Mile High... Live
    Girls Aloud ‎– Out Of Control (Live From The O₂ 2009)
    Girls Aloud ‎– Tangled Up Live From The O₂ 2008
    Gotan Project ‎– Tango 3.0 Live
    Keane - Live
    Oasis - Lord Don't Slow Me Down
    P!NK ‎– Funhouse Tour - Live In Australia
    Placebo ‎– We Come In Pieces
    Regina Spektor ‎– Live In London
    Sigur Rós ‎– Inni
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  • Wow, 100+ music DVD/Blu-rays, Peter... quite a collection. :-)

    I've just counted mine: 21... those all being DVDs.

    I guess promo-videos made before about 2004 will almost all be non-HD (?) and so would not lend themselves to the blu-ray format. And when did they start making them in wide-screen... mid 90s?

    Similar thing with live-concert recordings? ie most filmed before 2000 would be standard definition, I think. But then there will be some that were recorded on high-quality film. Certainly there are some movies from the 60s and even earlier which have had excellent transfers to HD / Blu-ray.
  • Just in case anyone is interested, here's a list of the music-DVDs I own:

    a-ha - Homecoming, Live At Vallhall
    Aimee Mann - Live At St. Ann's Warehouse
    Alanis Morissette - Feast On Scraps
    Amy Winehouse - At The BBC
    Amy Winehouse - I Told You I Was Trouble - Live In London
    Amy Winehouse - Live in Paris
    Anathema - Were You There?
    Anouk - Anouk Is Alive
    Archive - Live In Athens
    Augie March- Drones & Vapid Ditties
    Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Tour - Live In Toronto
    Beyoncé - The Beyoncé Experience Live
    Björk - Cambridge
    Björk - Later 1995-2011
    Björk - Live At Shepherds Bush Empire
    Björk - MTV Unplugged & Live
    Björk - Vespertine Live At Royal Opera House
    Björk - Voltaïc
    Blondie - Blondie Live
    Blondie - Live!
    Blur - No Distance Left To Run
    Boudewijn de Groot - Tour
    Calexico - World Drifts In (Live At The Barbican)
    Charlie Winston - Hit The Road
    Chemical Brothers, The - Singles 93-03
    Cheryl Cole - A Millions Lights - Live At The O2
    Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics: Live And Down Under
    Cinematic Orchestra, The - Man With A Movie Camera
    Corinne Bailey Rae - Live In London & New York
    Cracker - Live At The Rockpalast Crossroads-Festival
    Crowded House - Farewell To The World - 10th Anniversary Edition
    Cure, The - Live In France 2005
    Destiny's Child - Live In Atlanta
    Dido - Live At Brixton Academy
    DJ Shadow - In Tune And On Time Live!
    Doves - Where We're Calling From
    Echo & The Bunnymen - Dancing Horses
    Elbow - Live At Jodrell Bank
    Eurythmics - Peacetour
    Face Tomorrow - 03/02/05
    Faithless - Live At Alexandra Palace

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  • part 2:

    Gathering, The - A Noise Severe
    Gathering, The - A Sound Relief
    Girls Aloud - Girls On Film
    Girls Aloud - Style
    Girls Aloud - Tangled Up Live From The Oâ‚‚ 2008
    Girls Aloud - Ten : The Hits Tour 2013
    Girls Aloud - The Greatest Hits Live From Wembley Arena 2006
    Girls Aloud - What Will The Neighbours Say? Live In Concert
    Gloria Estefan - Live And Unwrapped
    Go-Go's - Live - In Central Park
    Goldfrapp - Wonderful Electric (Live In London)
    Gomez - Five Men In A Hut  (Singles: 1998-2004)
    Gorillaz - Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House
    Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango Live
    h - Natural
    Iggy & The Stooges - Escaped Maniacs
    iLiKETRAiNS - Elegies To Lessons Learnt
    Jewel - The Essential Live Songbook
    Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Loveshow (Live From Madison Square Garden)
    Katia B. - Só Deixo Meu Coração Na Mão De Quem Pode - Live
    Killers, The - Live From The Royal Albert Hall
    Knife, The - Silent Shout - An Audio Visual Experience
    Kylie - Live In Sydney
    Kylie Minogue - Body Language Live
    Kylie Minogue - White Diamond/Showgirl Homecoming
    Lamb - Live At The Paradiso September 13 & 14 2004
    LCD Soundsystem - Shut Up And Play The Hits
    Lissie - Live at Sheperd's Bush Empire
    Lou Reed - Berlin
    Lunascape - Remotions
    Madonna - Blond Ambition Tour 1990
    Madonna - Drowned World Tour 2001
    Madonna - I'm Going To Tell You A Secret
    Madonna - The Confessions Tour
    Madrugada - Live At Oslo Spektrum
    Marike Jager - The Magic Live Box
    Marillion - A Piss-Up In A Brewery
    Marillion - Before First Light
    Marillion - Bootleg Butlins
    Marillion - Brave Live 2002
    Marillion - Christmas In The Chapel
    Marillion - From Stoke Row To Ipanema  (A Year In The Life June 89 - July 90)
    Marillion - Live From Cadogan Hall
    Marillion - Marbles On The Road
    Marillion - Shot In The Dark
    Marillion - Somewhere In London
    Marillion - This Strange Convention
    Marillion - Wish You Were Here
    Maxïmo Park - Found On Film
    MIKA - Live Parc Des Princes Paris
    Moby - Play (The DVD)
    Moloko - 11,000 Clicks
    Muse - Hullabaloo - Live At Le Zenith - Paris
    Mylène Farmer - Live à Bercy

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  • part 3:

    Nada Surf - Live Aux Eurockeennes De Belfort - 06/07/2003
    Natalie Merchant - Live In Concert
    Natalie Merchant - VH1 Storytellers
    Neil Finn & Friends - 7 Worlds Collide - Live At The St. James
    Nelly Furtado - Loose: The Concert
    New Order - Live In Glasgow
    Noir Désir - En Images
    Noir Désir - Noir Désir
    Norah Jones - Live
    Nynke Laverman - De Nacht van De Maisfro
    Oceansize - Feed To Feed
    Orbital - Live At Glastonbury 1994 - 2004
    Ozark Henry - Easter Sunday - Live At The Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
    Pearl Jam - Live At The Garden
    Pet Shop Boys - Pandemonium
    Pet Shop Boys - Somewhere (Pet Shop Boys In Concert)
    Pink - Live From Wembley Arena London England
    Placebo - Soulmates Never Die - Live In Paris 2003
    Portishead - Roseland New York
    Pretenders - Loose In L.A.
    Prince - Sign "O" The Times
    Queen - Live At Wembley Stadium
    R.E.M. - Perfect Square
    Radiohead - 27 5 94 The Astoria London Live
    Radiohead - Rocks Germany 2001
    Radiohead - The King Of Limbs Live From The Basement
    Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad Live
    Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream Of Trains In New York
    Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow Live
    Sarah McLachlan - VH1 Storytellers
    Sia - TV Is My Parent
    Sigur Rós - Heima
    Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Live Tick
    Suzanne Vega - Live At Montreux 2004
    Texas - Paris
    Tori Amos - Live At Montreux 1991 & 1992
    Tori Amos - Welcome to Sunny Florida
    Tragically Hip, The - Yer Favourites/Hipenonymous Box Set
    Travis - More Than Us (Live In Glasgow)
    U2 - Rattle And Hum (Concert Movie)
    U2 - Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live From Chicago
    Various - 10 Years Later... With Jools Holland
    Various - Later... With Jools Holland Presents Cool Britannia
    Various - Later... With Jools Holland Presents Cool Britannia 2
    Various - Live From Abbey Road, Making Music History, Series 1
    Various - Screaming Masterpiece - 1000 Years Of Icelandic Popular Music
    Wedding Present, The - An Evening With The Wedding Present
    Wende - Au Suivant
    Wende - Carré
    Wende - Chante
    Wilco - Ashes Of American Flags

    What can I say... I guess me and Marlou like to watch Live-DVDs from time to time....
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  • I wonder whether Dreeke's list is complete.  It doesn't include Girls Aloud's Out of Control live.  (Maybe the Girls Aloud concert I play most often.)

    I'd find it difficult to list all of my music DVDs because they're not all shelved together.  For one thing, some of them are in CD-sized cases and (for the sake of convenience) are shelved with my CDs.  One such is actually a double DVD of Madonna's promo videos (47 of them between the two discs).

    Dreeke has a lot of items I don't, but I have many that Dreeke lacks.  To take Kylie, I have her two Blu-ray discs, the three DVDs Dreeke lists, 8 other DVDs in DVD-size packaging and at least 5 more DVDs on my CD shelves.  At least 16 Kylie DVDs in total.  (And I have another on order.)  (Crumbs!)  I seem to be a bit of a Kylie fan.

    It's fair to say that I like watching both live concert footage and promo videos.
  • Once I've finished with Jane, I'm scheduling a Kylie intervention for you, P.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Ooh!  Kylie intervention that sounds fun!
  • Just so we're on the same page: There will be no Kylie playing during the event.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • No Kylie playing?????

    As Kylie herself put it: "What's the use of living if you don't want to dance?"
  • Pet said:

    I wonder whether Dreeke's list is complete.  It doesn't include Girls Aloud's Out of Control live.  (Maybe the Girls Aloud concert I play most often.)

    I've got that one on Blu-Ray only.
    This is the DVD-list ;)

    I'm currently in the process of putting my entire music-collection on Discogs.com
    That's why it wasn't that hard for me to produce those lists.

    Finished all the regular CD-albums, Promo's, Blu-Rays and DVDs.
    Still have to complete entering my vinyls, cd-singles and compilation-albums....
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  • ^ I thought it was very strange if you didn't have that concert.

    It's the only concert I've bought three times.  I bought the DVD when it first appeared.  Then I bought the special edition DVD+CD (which was released a little later).  Finally (at least, I assume it's finally) I bought the Blu-ray disc when I bought my first Blu-ray player.

    I think the special edition DVD+CD was only available for a short time and may now be a collector's item.  (It's not listed at all on Amazon.co.uk [even as unavailable, which suggests that it's never been available from Amazon], nor is it now listed on Universal Music's site [which is where I bought it].)  The CD is a good bonus, enabling me to load most of the concert on to my iPod.  (The entire concert is too long to fit on to a CD, so it's somewhat edited down in that format.)  The special edition also has a bigger and better booklet than either the regular DVD or the Blu-ray disc.
  • Something that makes music Blu-ray discs worthwhile is the pop up menus.  These don't seem of much use when watching a film.  But, when one wishes to watch selected songs from a concert, the pop up menus enable one to do so without stopping the music.  Excellent!