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  • Peter - nice imagery :-) I do have a canine helper (although he's more of a biscuithound), but would need to enlist a Watson!

    Jeronimooo - sorry I forgot to include you! Unfortunately, I had the chap write their name only on the receipt (as I didn't recognize the name when he said it, so hadn't a clue how to spell it) which of course was then given to him... so I saw it only briefly. Had a vague idea it could have been 'Sluys'??

    It's a Tommy Hilfiger shirt btw, and it's my size.

    Sluys isn't a name I've heard before, but I guess it's possible. (Google also says names like Van der Sluys/Van Sluys etc. are actual names)
    Didn't manage to find someone called Jan who has anything to do with antiques though. But then I only checked two google pages.
  • Eddie Izzard. Is he really a transvestite, or is it just a schtick?
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • anyone know how i can save the music in this? its really cute, i love it! :)

  • Otherwise, you can try audacity.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • iuventus said:

    Otherwise, you can try audacity.

    im on a mac :/
  • Just call me 'Señor Google.'

    I already posted the link above.

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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • ... its not working. :p
  • I'm really hoping that someone on here is an Apple geek and can help me out. I finally got my MacBook Pro back from Knowhow after it was readmitted to the poorly ward for the 2nd time. New parts fitted and almost a full data recovery, yay :)
    However, I have not since been able to open my iPhoto library, and from my own research online this seems a fairly common problem. I went back to PCWorld, where a very helpful and patient chap did everything he could think of...but to no avail. he reinstalled IPhoto from my original applications disk, tried a new OS, checked for software updates ( all in place ) etc...Even he was mystified and could only think that the problem is that when iPhoto was backed up, it saved everything as one mushed together library instead of individual files ( sorry for my lack of technical jargon there but there are other phrases I'm refraining from using....). Now what I could do is
    A) Pay £10.49 to the App Store for the pleasure of buying something I already have, even then it will prob make no difference
    B) pay a "one off consultation fee" to chat with an Apple Support techno wizard £20 if you please
    C) give up all hope of ever seeing my collection of photos, my much missed deceased mum among them
    D) Hope that some kind GMBer might Knowmore and be able to help!! ( well, I can hope)
    Any advice or assistance ( by email if you like) would be very much appreciated and rewarded.
    Thank You
    Ps I've seen the pics....Will uses a Mac doesn't he? Probably Alison does too. ;;)
  • ... its not working. :p

    Here you are : https://app.box.com/s/b3lh0exit106lu3hlslp
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    "Brought to you straight from the People`s Republic of There`s Something Wrong With You . The Hoi Polloi Capital of the World"
  • Yay! I'm happy and relieved to report that I solved my iPhoto cock-up all on my lil ownsome. I've impressed myself! I am in touch with my Inner Geek  :-B and it feels gooooood!
  • So what was the answer? For all us macbook owners
    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • I can't even remember the question.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Sartori said:

    ... its not working. :p

    Here you are : https://app.box.com/s/b3lh0exit106lu3hlslp

    much love! x
  • KatRobin said:

    Yay! I'm happy and relieved to report that I solved my iPhoto cock-up all on my lil ownsome. I've impressed myself! I am in touch with my Inner Geek  :-B and it feels gooooood!

    excellent! :)
  • Iuventus- my q was how to reinstate / retrieve my iPhoto cache after it became inaccessible following a full hard disk recovery.

    Appy- I had to update to the OS Mavericks system which was a free upgrade ( maybe you're already using it? I was still with Snow Leopard). Then I had to trash my old iPhoto application. Went to iPhoto to repurchase it, which in the end didn't cost as they recognised I was a previous owner. Once that was installed, I went back to my library, tried to open it and had to press a couple more buttons to "realign" everything, and Bob's Yer Teapot, there it was! Probably pretty obvious to most people!