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The birthday of Alison Goldfrapp...
  • ... is today!

    Looks like a lot of us have sent Alison birthday wishes on her media outlet of choice - Twitter - but it would seem bizarre to not have a dedicated thread on the Goldfrapp Forum, no?

    And of course, there will be some folks from here who don't tweet.

    Here is a lovely pic that Alice posted:

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  • Birthday Cheers Alison! & love to Maus too.
  • I'm sure she'll be getting it from all directions today...birthday wishes that is... :-* Wishing you cake AND big balloons!!! (I'm channeling Katy Perry) since I don't tweet, Happy Birthday sweet! XO
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  • So THAT´S why the sun has been shining so bright today! Happy birthday from me too, Alison! And keep on doing what you´re doing. (*)
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  • We tweeted from Spain as we have just completed visiting the Dali triangle north of Girona. Happy birthday Alison from the UT's and the Appy61's. Looking forward to more albums and gigs in the future.
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  • it feels like my own birthday :)  

    i just love.......
  • Not on Twitter so this will have to do, hopefully someone will be a deer and show her this thread.

    Happy Birthday Alison !! I have been playing a melange of fave Goldfrapp tracks all day today and now am listening to the DVD 5.1 mix of Tales of Us and getting my dinner on. I'm sure you are doing something wonderful to celebrate. Cheers !!! XOXO
  • Have a wonderful day Alison. You're still the best in the business and long may you reign! Love to Lisa and Maus too. Xxx

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