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Alison on Jools Holland, Radio 2 - March 10th @ 11pm
  • Looks like Alison's on the Jools Holland Radio 2 show, Monday 10th at 11pm

    I hadn't noticed but my Virgin Tivo box has chosen to set a recording of it for me - it's a clever bit of kit!

    It's listed as "Jools is joined by Alison Goldfrapp, who picks her favourite records and somehow finds herself taking a balloon trip to France in the surrealist entertainment"
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
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  • Carpy
    Has your Goldfrapp TiVo wish list picked up Gideon Coe 11 March on BBC6 music?
    ( playing Goldfrapp live in 2004)
  • I hadn't scrolled down that far but, yep - it certainly has!
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • i will make a note of that on my Calendar.
  • Pre-recorded not long ago, not totally sure but i think the idea for this show is each guest does a song with Jools and his band? First show that was broadcast on Monday did this so hopefully we'll get a song from Alison too! - https://twitter.com/JoolsBand/status/433964333681627137

    Wonder what the Gideon Coe show is? Glastonbury probably.
  • I have not forgotten about this. Just posting anything to get it at the top so my fellow Frappers remember.
  • This is mentioned on Jools Facebook page today L-)
  • Hey guys,
    I don't think we can see Jools show here in the states. If i remember correctly, i think they have a block on the video streams. Any British GMBrs recording this by chance?
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • It's not the TV show, it's the radio show :)
  • Haha! Now i feel silly. Thanks rewak. I'll be tuning in then :) Catch you guys later.

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Quaint but enjoyable thanks Jools. \:D/
    Loooooooovvvvvve Thea
  • I'd never heard the Francoise Hardy 'Viens" before, liked that one. It was nice, nothing new but, some really nice songs.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • ^^ Best of luck on your dentist appointment tomorrow Hells. Ask for the gas, it's a guaranteed good time! :P X And i'm out while they play Bowie's Young Americans...night, night.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Not much chat between the songs but maybe that's just as well as Jools is a terrible interviewer.

    Alison sounded as though she was enjoying herself though.
  • Yup, i enjoyed it :-)
  • It was good. Always is when it involves Alison. But Jools is quite poor as a interviewer and a presenter too.

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