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Alison on Absolute radio - 1 Mar 2014
  • From Mute:

    "TONIGHT tune in to Absolute Radio to listen to Alison Goldfrapp speaking to Pete Mitchell on 'Saturday's Social' from 10pm GMT. They'll be talking about the unique TalesOfUsFilm event that takes place in cinemas near you on Tuesday 4 March."


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  • I will check that out. 
  • many thanks, appreciated.
    No audio outside UK but webcams seem working
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  • Hmm, not the most scintillating of interviews.

    'Thea'... Alison's duvet features on the song!? Confirmed they will perform this on Tuesday.
  • A longer interview than usual, but poor questions TBH. Worth a listen just to hear "bubbly" Alison's voice.
  • Yup, they kept the duvet sound, from when she was tapping it for rhythm, while composing with her voice. ;)

    Did I miss out on this, though? Can't find it on the site...?
  • ^Well, it might appear in the "on-demand" section later? The show just finished half an hour ago. Did you know about the duvet, but didn't catch the interview??
  • Hope so, 'cause for now it's like it never happened.. :p

    Yup, knew about the duvet, but missed the interview. ;)

    Cheers, mate. ;)
  • oh HJ, you need to take a trip through the interview thread i'm sure the duvet thing is there, its somewhere anyhow. ;) 
    this as with 99% of the interviews i hear and read i thought 'why can't they ask her something different!?' its the same old stuff over & over again. i quite like how he did a little going back through the years thing though. 

    he did also make me realise how good some radio presenters really are, y'know, especially those on radio 4 where they have to talk all the time and you never hear them going er.....um...er....

    i couldn't see anything on the webcam either? just some guy checking his phone...
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  • It was worth listening.
  • ping said:

    oh HJ, you need to take a trip through the interview thread i'm sure the duvet thing is there, its somewhere anyhow. ;)

    As in... an interview in written words? Ah, I've not read all of those. Will have a trawl later. :-)

    The Absolute website has older interviews with Alison up for listening.. so hopefully they'll put this one up soon.

    The first question, following a play of 'Utopia', was something like: "That still sounds new... do you think - in the 2000s - that's how we hear things now... everything sounds new?"

    Alison: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh... wut??" :-)
  • I didn't see or hear any of this. If anyone comes across a link please post it on here. I've been able to hear all the recent BBCRadio interviews so far, but i'm not quite sure we can get Absolute Radio over here in the states. It may be blocked?? Oh well. Sounds like we haven't missed too much then.
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • I've tweeted Absolute Radio about it, A_is_A - will let you know if I get a reply! ;)

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