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New Single - Thea
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    Thea is scheduled to be the new Tales of Us single with an upcoming release on iTunes (UK) on March 2nd. Thea has already been sent out for promotion and the song will serve to promote the upcoming film premiere of Tales of Us.

    Listen to the radio mix of Thea here.
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  • Excellent choice.  Hoping Stranger will be the final 'release' from the album.
  • Hope it gets a proper single release, with some bonus tracks, even live stuff would be nice
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Another Tales of Us leftover would be most welcome!
  • great news! :)
  • It was rather obvious Thea will be a single since they withheld it from July live premiere!

    And radio version is... meh. But then again, how can one condense the brilliance of Thea to a 'radio-friendly' length?
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  • They didn't have a radio edit for Bohemian Rhapsody! Thea should be adored in all it's glory, not condensed for the over-cafffeinated!

  • I want damn remixes now!!!! This TOU era is very poor. Just an album and that's all. It's ridiculous that it has'n got any normal single!
  • Most importantly, do we get new video magic on top? Well, probably not as it is thought to promote the whole film thing. Then again Thea and Clay are the most cinematic songs imho and really NEED/deserve a video treatment.
    I can't wait anymore.
  • ^ Hear, hear! I would LOVE to see a video for Thea, especially if its anything like that single cover! Maybe we'll get lucky.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • I would never call anything in this era poor after we experienced the Head First era.

  • I'm not unhappy with what we've had so far. We're getting the films & cinema event, I'm really looking forward to that!
    I kinda like the fact they're experimenting with how they release an album.
  • The alternative version of Thea (with Sa Ding Ding) actually exists already (which I hate). 
    I prefer the Totem mix by Devious Corporation, or some version remixed for themselves
  • ^ I agree....great atmosphere in both the remix and clip Sparks!
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Gosh thanks guys! Iantxon, I'm not keen on the Sa Ding Ding version either... and I wonder why they went to the trouble of adding a new vocal instead of remixing it like the Moog-thingy. 

    Ponygurl - I went for 'sinister', and listening back to it the other day, I got the phrase 'men with sticks and ropes' in my head, one of the more disturbing elements from the Being Human series. Hope my Drew remix turns out a bit brighter!

  • Thea is a brilliant track. That muffled rattler noise when she sings "This world in your eyes" is EVERYTHING. Part of me wish the song was a little more intense though...