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  • Thea's confirmed as the next 'single'. Great stuff.
    Alison mentioned on 6 music this morning that she's in lanzarote doing a bit of filming, I wonder if that's to put some visuals to this track as there's not a film for it? Just a thought...
  • Good choice for next single. Hope it gets proper airplay instead of all the so-called modern stuff or those who are nodding dogs and jump at the chance of a interview.
  • oh what a good choice! i love this song live, Sebastian plays the drums very well here
  • Eeeeee Thea is the new single! Thank God for that. I LOVE Thea and I know I'm not the only one. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't release it earlier. A video for Thea would have been hot too! But she did say she was of filming something....Maybe Monica Belluci is hanging out in Spain????
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Good news, I really hope she'll make a video of it... This is the first song I discovered from the album after Drew. I don't really like the radio edit though, studio >>>>>>>
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  • A 7" white vinyl would be nice and some new material as b-sides for the other formats PLEASE ;)

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I just want the video and a world tour. There is demand, lots of it. 

    Wouldn't mind if the video involved Alison stomping through a rain-soaked jungle, with backup dancers and choreographed moves perfectly in sync with the beats,. Dear lord, now THAT would hit the charts good! 
  • I'm always confused by these Goldfrapp "radio edits" -- they always just  bastardize the original song -- it has no room to "breathe".  And we've lost the horse gallops (gosh, we can't have horses on the radio!) and some of Alison's gorgeous cascading vocals.   I know "Ooh La La" was (still is, it seems) a massive hit, but I don't think they're going to have another song that big again.  Surely "Thea" is too... arty to get "mainstream" airplay -- whatever that is these days.  I know radio is much more important in the UK than the US, but surely they're more BBC 6 than BBC1, so why bother with the attempt to reach pop radio when it's so unlikely they'd embrace the song?  Oh, well, whatever.  If it gets them wider awareness and some more $$, more power to them.  
  • How much do I love Thea? Im having a bollock of a year so far. This did cheer me up this am.
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  • Best song on the album still for me
  • Great song. One of my faves. Annabel is my best by a long way.
  • It's by far one of the best songs they've ever done. I hope it fucking SMASHES
  • Im sure it will in some nice parallel universe where pple have ears...
  • I really hope they play Thea as part of the cinematic experience. Just imagine it booming out loud on the big screen. I might wet myself. Sorry  :\">

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