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B-Sides... best to worst
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  • Archway said:

    I love b-sides normally, because it gives an artist the opportunity to be a bit more creative. However, generally speaking, Goldfrapp's b-sides have never excited me. They aren't tracks I sought out or hunt down, unlike other artists.

    Lol, that's completely opposite to me. The day I discovered all the Black Cherry B-Sides left me on a high.

  • I really love Yellow Halo. As its been said it was not a b-side it was on the hits album. And the video is also one of my faves. Its just Alison on holiday i believe.
  • You cannot call Melancholy Sky a b-side, it was an officially released single. Yellow Halo isn't a b-side either.

    Technically, We Radiate, It's Not Over Yet, and Winter Wonderland are not b-sides either, they were released for compilations.

    But don't call Melancholy Sky a b-side. :|
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  • Mmm, Yes Sir is sooooo hot and my pick for favorite b-side closely followed by UK Girls (Physical) and All Night Operator.
  • I love Beautiful as well but have never considered it a b-side as it is the final track on my copy of Supernature here in the US.
  • Can I just say did any of these appear on 7" vinyl?
    No! So non of these are technically b-sides! You lot are getting pretty pedantic on here these days :-/

    You can break them down to Studio non-album tracks and Live/Session non-album tracks.

    I think both 'It's Not Over Yet' and 'Boys Will Be Boys' were done as live radio sessions not studio tracks. Chosen by radio station? So i'd say they are the only suspect ones and they should be lumped with live tracks like 'Fondue Knights', 'Sartorius', or 'Little Death' (eventhough they sound like album tracks).

    The rest, I would consider as, being described as 'b-sides' in the same way a collection of songs is called an album even if it is a download (i.e. not a vinyl 'album' like it's name suggests).

  • boys will be boys has a studio recording, it was in with the whole "satin boys, flaming chic" thing. but yes it was also performed in a live radio session
  • I just realized that I don't have Gone To Earth or We Radiate. :(
    I had a king in a tenement castle, lately he's taken to painting the pastel walls brown. He's taken the curtains down. He's swept with the broom of contempt, and the rooms have an empty ring. He's cleaned with the tears of an actor who fears for the laughter's sting...
  • Alan said:

    @whisperit ditto. When I listen to it, I'm taken to the middle of the Universe.

    Me too :) my fav b-side.. speaking o which..

    Isnt autumn leaves a bside?
  • Physical has to be one their most inspired tracks. Remember hearing it live for first time genuis!
  • OK, someone´s got to do it.... insert Lee in these b-side lists. Well, Lee is some sort of a b-side, isn´t it?
    Don´t kill me, but Lee just doesn´t get to me as much as most of the TOU-tracks and certainly not as much as many other b-tracks. So my b-sides list would be...

    1. Beautiful
    2. Yes Sir
    3. Big Black Cloud, Little White Lie
    4. Boys Will Be Boys
    5. All Night Operator, Part 1
    6. It's Not Over Yet
    7. Gone to Earth
    8. Winter Wonderland
    9. UK Girls (Physical)
    10. White Soft Rope
    11. Lee
    12. We Radiate
  • it's really a shame they never released a special edition of "the singles" rounding up some of the bonus tracks, extra singles, mixes, etc. i'm of the opinion that some of them rank among their best, even though others are somewhat uninspired.

    a bonus disc could have gone:
    1 human (single version/remix)
    2 UK girls (physical)
    3 fondue knights (live)
    4 little death (live)
    5 sartorious (live)
    6 big black cloud, little white lie
    7 white soft rope
    8 yes sir
    9 black cherry (single mix)
    10 gone to earth
    11 all night operator (part one)
    12 beautiful
    13 satin chic (flaming lips remix)
    14 boys will be boys
    15 we are glitter/strict machine (live on supernature tour)
    16 caravan girl (live choral version)
    17 it's not over yet
    18 believer (davide rossi reinterpretation)
    19 we radiate
    20 winter wonderland

    i would have loved this. or even better, swap out the previously released mixes (except for the single versions/mixes - for completists sake on "the singles") and include some unreleased versions.
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  • Non album track released on various compilations are called c-sides, at least in my head
    I take the needle off the Technics and put it in my vein
  • It still staggers me that some of their best tunes are played live ("Yes Sir" at Somerset House comes to mind).  I can't think of a single song from another group that I would say that about.
  • Come to speak of that, I sure would give anything to hear Beautiful live !!
    This calls for a b and c side gig ! \:D/