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  • always keep your chicken chilled before cooking

  • Softlad coincidentally just reposted this on Twitter....`aye car-salmonella-rumba` . 

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    "Read my posts and see why we`re not allowed nice things anymore"
    photo 5a6eb769-bc12-4596-bbe8-709fc2bb0d5e.jpg
    "Brought to you straight from the People`s Republic of There`s Something Wrong With You . The Hoi Polloi Capital of the World"
  • @Ping and @Sartori  LOL. Funny pics. The only problem thats put me off eating chicken now!!
  • Breakfast and barbecue is about it.  I find I can eat just fine without ever lighting the stove or opening the oven.  Too much trouble.
  • Tumblr? What's it all about and is it worth it? Anna Calvi has a Tumblr page in which according to her Facebook page is where she will do Q and A's to fans etc, pictures blah, blah. Before I waste my time and eyeballs investigating just wondered what Tumblr is all about. Thanks :-B
  • * Yeah, I've not joined Tumblr myself, but have seen the odd thing on it. Mostly pictures...

    I'm on Flickr but haven't looked at it for ages. I believe it's good if you want your pics to be taken seriously... I know some have even received payments on the back of their Flickr uploads.

    Am a member of Google+ but didn't think it would give me anything above & beyond Facebook and Twitter? Have just now merged my YouTube channel with my Google+ account.
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  • I tried to do it myself. Did not understand. Bear in mind i have only just learned how to sign into my e-mail account. I consider myself neither thick or clever in general life. But with computers and all this social media etc i admit it, I am REALLY  thick.
  • finally right up-to-date with everything Goldfrapp. :) but sadly going to have to miss the upcoming tour shocked there's no manchester date :( but around that time got a lot of PS4 games coming out....
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • Well Salford is sort of Manchester. But it is not. I should not be saying that. I am having to make special arrangements for getting us home. I would have preferred to be back at the Academy. Like in 2010. Oh yeah Jozz you will have noticed my name is now 37.
  • yeah hope you had a great day :) cw37 got to get use to that :)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • ok. i have a software question. adobe related.

    as a student, many moons ago, i brought a genuine copy of Adobe Creative Suite (student edition) for my then iBook G4.

    i've since upgraded to a shiny new Mac Book Pro ret display. Am i able to put my adobe CS package from my old computer onto my new one and using the same product key? (obviously removing CS from my old comp)
    its an old piece of software, im sure its Creative Suite 2. so im dubious about it going on an OS running mavericks, not to mention i currently have no cd/dvd drive.

    any help would be great. cheers.
  • Question... are all the venues sitting? is there a standing venue?
    as i can't sit for long...
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • ^ for the Tales Of Us Spring Tour.....
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I HATE sitting Venues. I seriously wonder how anyone can remain seated when they play Ride a White Horse or Yellow Halo.... :-O
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  • Hi HI.

    Flying visit, home for 6 hours before I gotta be back at work. Where is the thread for the Lisa Gunning film thing on the 18th in London town? Am I being blind. I cannae find it.

    When I do, I'll ask these questions.. Is anyone going? Anyone? I am.

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