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Charlotte Hatherley / Sylver Tongue
  • Yes, simply a re-creation of the thread on the old 'board... for those keen on Charlotte.
    (I came across her via her work with Bat for Lashes, but her solo albums are very good too.)

    Anyway, her website is here: http://www.charlottehatherley.com/
    The new album will be out soon (recording under the name 'Sylver Tongue'... inspired by Philip Pullman's 'His dark materials' novel).

    There is a new track called 'Sugar coat' which appears on a mix-tape done by another GMB favourite Anna Calvi (Soundcloud link here). Bowie fans might note/appreciate Charlotte's love of Robert Fripp's guitar style as employed on Scary Monsters. I actually love her voice too, quite deep for a woman, & very sexy IMHO.
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  • Yes I remember Sylver Tongue supporting Bat For Lashes. Brought the EP which wasnt bad and then it all went quiet!!
  • That's true. But she has been working on a film soundtrack in the meantime, as well as her own ST album.
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  • I like the name and the inspiration, the music too :) Interesting.
  • Preparation for new Sylver Tongue video...

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  • I kinda lost track of Sylver Tongue after the Bat For Lashes support.
  • I'm pretty sure she's not released anything since the EP that came out around the time of that tour/support.

    She's been doing film-scores, but it looks like she's back on track with new material/videos of her own now :-)
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