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Best of 2013
  • , because for some people 2014 already started

    Goldfrapp @41
    I take the needle off the Technics and put it in my vein
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  • Suppose we have to be grateful it is on the list.
  • We need to set up a facebook campaign to get them a bloody award! Its unbelievable they havent won! Brit and More importantly a GRAMMY! Who is game?
  • awards are largely pointless tho, especially grammys
  • 1. Sofia Reta - "Bad Luck"
    2. Sofia Reta - "Woman"
    3. Sofia Reta - "CRÈME BRÛLÉE"
  • It's all just a matter of personal taste. I find it hard to believe that anyone in the business would rank Tales of Us behind, Laura Mvula, Queens of the Stone Age, and...VAMPIRE WEEKEND?!

    My two favorites of the year are John Grant and Goldfrapp, of course.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • And who decides these????? Ppprrrfffttt  It may well help to persuade some to purchase TOU but other than that.................sorry that was prob not meant to sound as grumpy as it did.
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''
  • 1. Seeing Goldfrapp Live in Manchester :)
    2. Tales Of Us. :)
    3. PS4 :)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I started looking at the list;s earlier in the months and was shocked (as usual at what was missing, what was top, etc.). But then i began to notice how different the lists were especially over major web mags/blogs (as apposed to print magazines). NOT in order as much but in which albums were included, so different. I decided it was a good sign that there is so much music out there these days the lists were getting very subjective / creative / eclectic and not full of the usual suspects! 

    Mojo list is more mainstream than many! 

    Plus most Pledge music albums don't seem to feature in any of the lists (so that 3 of my favourites out). Is this a factor at being included. i.e. must be on a label!

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