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New membership rules for the forum
  • Due to bots trying to flood the system, we're making, for now, membership to the forum invitation only. Please can you test this out and let me know iof it actually works... 
    These bots were taking down the server in a big way. literally a DDOS attack. CPU was at 800%, now it's back to 20%. 
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  • Thanks Marc.  I thought it could only be a DDOS attack, because it's been rather quiet of late. 
    I hope that you die in a decent pair of shoes
    You got a lot more walking to do where you're going to.
  • Yeah, I cleared all (spambot) applications last night, and by late afternoon today, there were over 6000 new ones!

    Recently we have been getting about 1 genuine applicant/day, so hopefully with this invitation-only setting, very few would-be joiners will be left frustrated. So... good idea, Marc - cheers. (I wasn't relishing the prospect of going through 6000 applications per day!)

    Oh, I will send out an invitation now...
  • Great thanks Jack, let me know how it goes with the invite process for your mate. 
  • 6,000 a day there people who've got nothing else better to do!!!!!
    hope this new setting works for us.....
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • There is still something wrong. Look at who´s online right now :-S :

        ACN    7:07PM
        dewtksuf    7:07PM
        Dreeke    7:07PM
        eettoo2s    7:07PM
        erornqgg    7:07PM
        gqtegeut    7:07PM
        h88gkx1x    7:07PM
        ojfnjm7t    7:07PM
        rblvpztv    7:07PM
        savtvz7a    7:07PM
        ufpynt7a    7:07PM

    At least Dreeke seems to be real to me :)
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  • How do newbies get in if they don't know anyone here already to get an invite?
  • wow, the "who's online" is goin' nuts changing every five seconds with a different list of klsdjfhsoifdj usernames

    so... a while ago i suggested that a north american mod be appointed to help deal with spam more efficiently. i'm not sure if the admin(s) saw it, and if they did, possibly they thought it was unnecessary. however i still feel like it might be worth considering; with both the mods commenting about poring through thousands of spambot applications, and probably as many spambots still members in need of deletion, i feel like at least one more mod (from north america or uk/europe or australia or anywhere really) would help lighten the carpathian and halloween jack's workloads

    the invitation business should help with the membership application problem but as deer says, it's a temporary solution. and as ping pointed out, it means real fans with no ties to anyone here can't apply for membership, so it's not really ideal.

    so, again, i don't know if my suggestion will be helpful or desirable or anything, and it's cool if not, but... i thought i'd say it
  • Sorry, I don't know much about these things, But  what do these Bot things do anyway? Are they the reason that the "popular tags" menu contains only bullshit like "louis vuitton" "wife share" and so on?
    The "who's online" menu is almost exploding, I believe...
  • yeah, they are. i'm honestly not super in the know about it either, all i know is they're not real people, they're automatic programs. they exist to... spread spam.

    wikipedia says: "Other spam messages are not meant to be read by humans, but are instead posted to increase the number of hyperlinks to a particular web site, to boost its search engine ranking."

    that definitely seems to be the type we get here most often. ~louis vuitton~ and all that
  • Well, quite annoying, they are.

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