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  • Stranger said:

    I don't care about BlaBlingDingDong or remixes or live tracks or 5.1 whatevers. I want extra new songs (where ís C-Tune? Or the studio registered recordings of the FM live set b-sides that were never released as rarities) and the full set of videos. Preferably even the instrumentals in the box. It's a freaking expensive product!

    I agree with that, I don't even know half the guys that make electronic music to care about their remixes (or european electro/indie/pop/something artists)
    I want new songs by Goldfrapp, not a Goldfrapp song remade by someone I don't know.
  • Both remixes are done by Frapp, the Thea remix is by them but featuring Sa. It's still just filler material though, it's stuff we would have got anyway had they done proper singles, not stuff thats honestly only for this edition if you know what i mean.
  • I don't really care about Thea remix, I just want them to perform this song live while touring. :-L
  • ickygerm said:

    why is everyone so hyped up over c-tune? we don't know what it is. we don't know if it's even a full-fledged song.

  • If it's important enough to register then its worth inclusion.
  • You see, that's where my mind on this differs.

    I don't see something being registered on there as any indication that it's a track finished or ready enough to be used on anything release wise, just that they had something that they were using a starting point and needed a placeholder title for it. We've seen before how a registered early version called one thing gets final release as a finished version called something else.

    For all we know (and frankly it's all been guesswork on C-tune to this point including this entire post by me too) we've already heard it buried in some other TOU track a la 'Ask The Lake'.

    To me, it's a whole different to case to, say, the 'down the knickers' live tracks that were quite patently finished & given a live airing but never then released at all.

    {shrugs in a 'who knows' kind of way}

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  • ^ exactly. like on one hand it's nice to have info regarding their output and know they're not just sitting twiddling their thumbs, but on the other hand... we know nothing about it except the title (which really, really sounds like a working title to me). and just because it's been registered recently doesn't mean that it was made recently. for all we know it's the christmas song they did about fetuses or whatever
  • @rewak what you mean the 3 remaining films were online dear? where? what's this? what's going on? what's happening?
  • @The_Carpathian Dear, what if we all tweet Alison asking her what is C-Tune? Or maybe just you given she is already familiar with you?
  • It might be worth a go - it's certainly interesting to find out.

    I'll drop one over and see what happens - might be nothing but hey ho!
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Done!

    Now we sit back and see what does or doesn't come back! :D
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • That's funny, I tweeted her a few days ago asking about "C-Tune"!
  • Just noticed the Sa DingDing track is listed on SandBag as : Thea (Alternative) Goldfrapp feat. Sa DingDing instead of Remix. If it's an alternate arrangement, could that be C-Tune?
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  • That!
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