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Entertain me! (the twisted & disturbing are welcome)
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  • Sartori said:

    Just sanded down my patio table ... like trying to have a threesome with Jordan and an octopus/bagpipes combo .

    Actually, I thought
    Sartori said:

    poke you through your letterbox ;)  .

    was much more entertaining...
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  • Thread Bump! Twisted and disturbing anyone??
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • I am officially amused by this sea cucumber, which "entertains visitors in its anus" amongst other odd habits.
  • Eeeew :D Now there's something you dont see everyday. That's a hard act to follow!
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  • I did find this curious bit of recent of news :



    I was just gonna say that I don't see this trend taking off in too many beaches and then remembered that I actually did see this happen at a beach so hmmm...it could be the next big thing?!
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  • I can't imagine wanting to jerk off in the presence of others; though, I did, when I was 19, finger fuck a girl under a blanket in a public park in the middle of the afternoon.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • ^Another scoundrel!
    I actually feel a little bad for the 15yr old boy who flashed the girls in the story above, I'm thinking they most likely just squealed with laughter and ran off. It seems a bit severe punishment for just being naked.
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  • I'm going to file this under "Disturbing"... What is the deal with this Northampton Clown?
  • @A_is_A "I was just gonna say that I don't see this trend taking off in too many beaches and then remembered that I actually did see this happen at a beach so hmmm...it could be the next big thing?!"

    You already know my public masturbation story M (Paris). I was shocked, yet I didn't report it. I think it was too embarrassing to say out loud to someone else. Don't you just love the Swede's liberal attitude though? (I'm half Swedish too, maybe that's where I get it, haha!) They've even come up with a third "gender neutral" pronoun...Hen. Han means "he" and Hon means "she"...then there's Hen.

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  • I love the Swede's openness but, i must confess, that i am personally saddened by the prospect of a gender neutral vocabulary. When they start abolishing words, what will happen to poetry??  There are no good sonnets without sexes, you need the she's and he's of it, the masculine and the feminine both. The world is so big and beautiful you need all the words you can to describe it, It's a shame people get so pedantic about sex.

    Side note:
    Paris is crazy :D

    Saizo- That is the creepiest clown ever! John Wayne Gacy-ish if you ask me. Poor school children, or drunkard that runs into that thing in the middle of the night!

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  • No, I think you misunderstood M. It's in place to allow children not to be placed into gender roles. Society conditions children into taking on roles..ie..girls play with dolls, boys with cars. This way it allows the child to pick whatever they feel. There is no conditioning then. It's about freedom when you think about it.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I don't have a lot to contribute to this thread, but the title made me think of this great song...

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Pony

    That was a great post! I enjoyed reading and thinking about it. I believe the real danger is not the gender roles themselves, or words that define the roles, but society forcing its will on the individual. If
    you read the last two sentences of the HEN article you’ll get to “the British town of Brighton proposed abolishing titles like "Miss," "Mrs" and "Mr," replacing them with the gender-neutral "Mx". My concern is not the adding of new words into vocabulary but, the abolishing of existing words. It’s a subtle but pervasive form of mind control ( It is impossible to think about concepts that you have no words for).

    We have now ventured into the very dangerous territory of making certain words
    forbidden because they hurt other people’s feelings (and are therefore “bad”). What will happen when i become offended at being called old, or fat, or Latina, or blonde for that matter. Whose rights to feelings are more imortant than others? Where does it stop and who gets to decide? ”This
    notion of forbidding people “ Bad Words” is a danger because at its base the
    concept is illogical.

    I remember not too long ago some man chastising Alison for
    using the term lezza. He insisted that she not use it again and that she was
    ignorant for using it!? A man who by definition is not a lesbian,
    telling a lesbian what words she is allowed to call herself...Its absurd.

    I see no problem with gender roles if people are free to
    chose or not choose them. It’s always been interesting to me that lesbians for
    example, even in this day and age are still very much into the
    butch/femme/top/bottom esthetic. These are women who are free to choose
    anything they want and yet they choose these archetypical male/female roles
    even when the esthetic doesn’t match their sexually reality.

    Anyway, don’t want to get into a whole boring political
    conversation. Let the record show that I LOVE WORDS and reserve the right to be both top and bottom!

    -FAB video Border! Had not seen it before.
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