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Tales Of Us - 6th album - 09/09/2013
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  • I want a DVD with those song-vid-clips :) (whether that's the one with the boxset, I dunno)
  • Mine got charged immediately too. One of the confirmation numbers ended in 296 or something so I'm hoping I've got within the first 500, even if I am a bit slow off the mark
  • Quite possible, I got a #...148 and ordered at 11:20.
    Selling fast if it's right.
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    Be patient.
  • Oh I hope so! Always wanted something like this... And now has got me excited for the date I'm going to in Manchester!

    I phoned sandbag, and the lady said they didn't have the information, but I just asked if it were possible to find out whether my order was in the first 500. She said reports would have to be sent out, so no she didn't know. Hmmm fingers crossed!
  • Really hoping I got one of the 500, I got #...348 (just ordered) so fingers massively crossed :o)
  • Hey, when I ordered the box set I was sent an email confirming my order as well as a download link to the mp3.  The link leads me to "downloadable products", but I'm told that the links have expired. Is this because I'm in the US or because it hasn't been released officially?
  • I think for £65 they should sign every one that gets purchased, not just the first 500!!

    I can't wait for 9th September...both Goldfrapp and Emiliana Torrini's new albums out on the same day

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  • I think I'm ordering the vinyl, but I am no doubt excited to have it in any physical format. :)
  • I'll get the box set eventually..but I'll wait, since it doesn't say limited and I don't care about the signatures. 
  • omg i hope new single on itunes soooon. and a little mix or remix or dub or eeeeeah
  • It actually does say limited in the mail "We have also put together a VERY special limited edition boxset (...)".
    However shop is offline right now. Already sold out? :D
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    Be patient.
  • It also says limited edition on the store site.  I'm still seeing the store site, by the way, HO.
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  • Yeyyyy i got mine! $139.57 USD to United States.
  • juanbjork said:

    Yeyyyy i got mine! $139.57 USD to United States.

  • Hi my first post please be gentle with me!!

    I called Sandbag this morning and they told me only 2,000 are being made so be quick anyone who wants one :)

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