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Help Creating Account for USA shipping
  • I have tried to register a new account to be able to purchase the TALES OF US boxset.  The "line" for STATE/PROVINCE is missing. I know that sounds crazy.. I have refreshed and exited the site, came back and still no "line".  I submit all info and after clicking "submit" I get a red prompt to fill in "state/province". I swear its not there..  So confused..

    Anyone out there who knows what to do next?  Thanks, DOA1
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  • The dropdown menu has United States in the menu. Also you can order items in USA dollars.  But no line to enter the STATE for shipping.  : /
  • Yeah, thanks, DOA1.  My fault,.  I needed to enable my cookies.
  • I don't see your problem, DOA1.  I see a list of all states in the province box.  It's right below the line that says "State/Province".  I'm doing in on a PC.  If you're mobile, that may be the difference.
  • Yes for shipping on the ordering page. .but creating a new customer account there is no dropdown box. The field is missing. I am on a pc. I have tried using Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • I'm a little lost, DOA1.  Are you talking about an account for this website?  You already have that and I'm pretty sure that password will work on the purchasing site .  On the thread, "Issues, blah, blah, blah", Admin put an address for issues concerning the purchasing website.  If what I'm tellling you doesn't do it for you, you might try that lnik.
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  • I had the same issue; both creating an account on the Sandbag store, and ordering in general. I have cookies enabled on my browser, also sent an inquiry to Sandbag. Really hope I can get the issue resolved. It's hard enough finding good music in Alabama without the added obstacles.
  • Your account is this account.
  • Just put "c/o Donald Chump".

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