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  • I was 17 and working in HMV.My first full time job.Apparently some blokes from Essex with some synthesizers were touring America and playing their biggest gig to date.

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  • Funny you should mention that , OMD just messaged on Facebook that they supported DM on that gig at Pasadena Bowl 25years ago .
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  • I'm not on Facebook but I got a tweet from Thomas Dolby saying that it's the first time he's ever seen any footage of himself performing at that gig.Just love seeing how young everyone was,the hairstyles and fashion.


    I was five months and two weeks into gainful employment in British Airway's IT department in West Hounslow, and a bit less than that from being 24, and even less from summoning up the courage to start courting my future wife (yes, that's what we called it in 1988).

    Far more importantly: a Depeche Mode thread open for three hours and no post from Carpy (the uberfan's uberfan)?



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