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What's Your Favourite Goldfrapp Album - At The Mo?.
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  • Head First and Supernature as feeling the love for the uptempo stuff to get me in the mood for Hammersmith shindig. 
  • Here's a strange thing that has been on my mind lately. On sept 15 I posted the following list: 1 Tales Of Us - 2 Seventh Tree - 3 Black Cherry - 4 Supernature - 5 Head First - 6 Felt Mountain.

    Then on oct 26 I posted: 1. Supernature - 2. Seventh Tree - 3. Tales of Us - 4. Black Cherry - 5. Felt Mountain - 6. Head First.
    Archway kindly pointed out the major differences between these lists. Which make me look pretty dumb.

    But it also made me wonder what made my "taste" change in just over one month's time. The thing is: my first list is well-argumented and extensively thought about. The second list is more some sort of unargumented intuition. Looking back, I recognize myself more in the second list than in the first. So I was thinking, Maybe that is proof that you musn't think too much about (frapp)music, but just let your instincts guide you?

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