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  • It's funny because they talk to us all the time and if you followed them through social media / on the Island you would know that. They used our pictures and videos in an officially released concert, for God's sake. Obvious outsider seeing one thing and assuming another, not taking time to actually base your opinions on facts. And your last 2 sentences are complete rubbish. Who the fuck are you to determine what they've done?
  • Well no, I wasn't aware they were actively talking to fans now, but I do stand by my statement that putting a pay wall up is a bad move. And to answer your question, I'm a person who's been on this Earth for 26 years with a love of music going back to before I can remember. I'm simply stating my observations, I can't see them changing anything, making that big of an impact on the industry, or doing anything so unique that makes them stand apart. The way they presented themselves was something new, well not completely new but it's the first time I've seen it work so effectively. Other bands have done the teaser thing to reveal themselves but iam kept the element of mystery rolling and tried to make it a part of their identity. They dropped that though, and they're fading off the radar quickly. And since I answered for you, maybe you could tell me why you think they're doing things so unique and original? And why get so pissed at someone's opinion otherwise?
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  • Ooh, 26. How wise...

    It's just funny, annoying, and a bit sad that you are saying they never changed anything or did anything new because you are so completely wrong. I already explained why they are important and what they have done in my first comment. And it does piss me off what you are saying because they are such an important part of my life. I'm sure if someone completely bashed your favorite artists you'd be a bit ticked too (or respond to me saying you wouldn't care when that's a damn lie). And dropped off the radar? Sorry, aren't you a Goldfrapp fan? They're not so much on the 'radar' either. Since when does popularity determine the quality of an artist? All of us on this forum should know that. Again, your opinions are not based on facts and there is a lot of ignorance in them. I'm a person who's been on this Earth for 20 years and I love music too but I don't go around bashing artists and shitting all over their fans by telling them the artist hasn't done anything impacting.
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  • If that's how much someone else's opinion affects you then you're in for a hard time. It's my opinion, if you hate something I love that's your opinion and you're more than entitled to it and free to voice it.
  • Hey boys, I've been on this earth for....oh, shut up now!!!
  • Which leads me to one of my favourite quotes ( from The L Word no less!)... " Life is a funny bus ride- but at least we've got seats". And even more priveliged if we've got onboard music. And channels to switch between.

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