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  • Any updates on her touring the States? I'm getting hungry.
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  • I highly recommend anyone doubting this era to sit through this. A-MA-ZING.

  • I'm getting bored. The tail end of Kin was pretty dull and the physical releases were quite a disappointment.
  • I wholeheartedly agree. But she's a much more interesting project than, say, ladygaga, dontcha think?
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  • Not really, to begin with yes but now the mystery aspect is gone she's just another artist. You know what's coming next, when you know the routine and what to expect it gets boring fast especially when they drip feed like they do. That's why Kin got so boring towards the end.
  • Oh my, rewak, you don't sound too optimistic. Give her a chance to explode. She has yet to show off her real talent. It's just the beginning. Cheer up. Don't give up. ;)
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  • I think In Concert was the peak of the project, since then it's gone downhill slowly. She has talent, i'm not denying that, but really where is there to go with the concept? They could keep repeating the one video/single a month or so thing until an albums release then do the European festival circuit like they are now, but that's been done and it's boring now. They could become a regular act, a single or two then an album with a proper tour, but that's stereotypical and doesn't fit with the concept. They're trapped themselves, maybe that's going to work in, maybe they'll burn themselves next.
  • I have to say they did start out quite ambitiously, attracting all the media. You know where it all usually leads to... *sigh*

    But I still have 2 milligrams of faith.
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  • Kin has grown on me. I got bored of the videos at end of Kin. But videos (in my view) are just promotion.You make the best videos up on your own head :-).

    Prefered Bounty at first but there are some lovely sounds in Kin (love the Human League homage at end of 'In due order'. Wish i could of got to Latitude this year. Purity Ring there aswell (2 rare bands live in this country). Wish my kids would grow up quick so i could take them!
  • Here you can hear (I hope) her one hour gig at Stockholm Music & Art’s last year.


    PS If you click on 'Alla livek....'  There's a 'Niki and the Dove' gig too.
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  • Everything Rewak has said. Absolutely.

    The initial teasers and Concert were excellent and the rest, especially the tail end, has paled pretty badly.

    I don't even think it's the mystique being lost but just that the music became weak and increasingly normal. No matter how wacky you try to be if the music you make doesn't keep pace then one shows the other up eventually and the two facets grate. Same with Gaga's outfits, Rihanna's skin baring, etc etc. A little off topic as examples but part of the same thing.

    I'm absolutely sure her integrity is intact - she comes across as somebody following their art and that I respect a lot - but the tease, reveal, release, combination & performance just dragged things out too far.

    Sorry just my two cents/pence/whatever and not said with any glee either. Actually a real shame.
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  • I don't know; at the time I loved kin but now the only 3 songs I can really listen to and feel something when listening to are play, idle talk and goods.
    The rest don't quite do that much anymore. Maybe in the future....

    (Or they can make songs of t/y/o/john quality again. If that means waiting another year or so it's totally worth it).

  • http://www.towhomitmayconcern.cc/

    Their official website (towhomitmayconcern) just posted this, so it is official. New single pehaps? Album?
    I'm excited about this now :)
  • Oh, yay!  I'm looking forward to whatever "Fountain" is.  I would agree with whomever said that the "live" forest concert was probably the best thing they did, but I did not lose interest after the mystery was fully uncovered.  There's still so much going on -- even in the later videos -- with literary, historical, and mythological allusions to keep things interesting.  However, I will say that their live shows don't look that interesting.  I think this will always be most successful when it is an a/v project without the "v", it's nowhere near as strong.  Unfortunately, that make it rather cost prohibitive.  Perhaps if they could afford to work with a great theatrical/opera designer and director like Robert Wilson, they could find a live show visual which could truly elevate the experience.  Like he did in "The LIfe and Death of Marina Abramovic" with Marina Abramovic, Willem Dafoe and Antony.  

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  • Amazing!
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