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MIF Albert Hall ticket (Thursday)
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  • Wow Micky It does indeed have some really good stuff on there. Have no idea how to try and copy but maybe Sartori or Carpy can let us know how to try. Great find, thnx
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Streamtransport used to work but seems to have stopped working, anyone know of an alternative for capturing vids ?
    photo 48d99ea1-4ff3-47b4-a076-5c9c0bc0a716_zpsbb643bce.jpg
  • Downloadhelper (Firefox add on) seems to work:-)
  • Just to confirm NovaLasing's post... DownloadHelper (for Firefox) grabbed it fine for me too.

    That one (Lovely head) is an MP4 of 19MB file-size. It's only 640x360 though.. quite low-res, unfortunately.
  • At least the sound quality is better than the picture. Interesting how they've spliced together different camera angles to create the finished article. YouTube videos can be frustrating when you've got just one perspective taken from an awkward angle.

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