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MIF Albert Hall footage ?
  • Does anyone know whats happening with the footage taken at last Thursday's albert Hall gig ? 
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  • Not 100% sure but think it might be included with the Tales Of Us deluxe boxset
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  • i was worried someone might say that, if confirmed i'll have to buy it then, 
  • It seems strange that an official video would be shot without any cameras underneath or on the stage.  How many cameras were mounted on the balcony?  If only 1 then was it filmed by Goldfrapp or to promote the MIF?
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  • i was at the front on Thursday, there appeared to be at least 2 fixed cameras that i could see, one to the left of the stage and one fixed in the front centre of the balcony, and there was a guy continually moving about in front of stage, he would film for short periods then move about so he obviously wasn't filming the entire concert continuously, 
  • @muz61 - as long as he was getting some close-ups then that sounds promising.  I only noticed what I thought were "the press" on the Thursday but then I wasn't really paying attention as Alison has me transfixed as per usual.
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.

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