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MOJO - Abum of the month
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  • I picked up the mag on the way to work this morning, will give it a read later. Sounds good anyhoe
  • That makes me wonder.  Do you have access to the videos, as well, Dreeke?  You haven't mentioned that.  I'm wondering if they are being a lot more tight-fisted with the video.  I think it is waaay cool that they will have a full-length film, which I expect is in the box (paint me green with jealousy).
  • Ooh and news in the issue about the Watersons' "lost" record Bright Phoebus, and Anna Calvi.

    It is a good review, isn't it. What I'm taking away is that
    • it doesn't sound like it's the sort of record that grabs you instantly
    • you're gonna need the lyrics
    • the films will probably help (£ouch £ouch)
    I too have gone off to YT to investigate Scott 4 which I didn't know previously, and contrary to my expectations I am now recovering from hysteria after the first track, which sounds like a pilot for one of those brilliant games from Just a Minute, call it Summarise a Film in a Completely Inappropriate Musical Style. The rest of it is giving me bad flashbacks to Tim Buckley, so thanks a bloody bunch Mojo reviewer. Oh what the hell, it's only half an hour.

  • Love the line 'Gregory knows he can serve up his revenge here, rather than wait until that critic tries to write a novel'. Quite special coming from a journalist.
  • thanks for the scan! a good review. positive but not fawning and sycophantic, though the last sentence is quite a statement indeed

    "...accusations of Madonna worship..." wasn't it the other way around, though? ;;)
  • Nice read! I really enjoyed it. Nowadays it is very difficult to read this kind of reviews. I think I'm going to try and get my hands on the magazine...
  • Goldfrapp will bring world peace
    "its MY favourite song"

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