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  • Next up for me - The Prodigy in May :)
  • Aurora Aksnes on 24th February. https://www.facebook.com/iamAURORA

    Katzenjammer on 11th May  http://www.katzenjammer.com/

    MALKA (album launch) 27th May  http://www.malkamusic.co.uk/
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  • Going to see Faithless again , playing London sometime over the summer 
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  • Got tickets for this nice little festival.

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  • Will Gregory and his Moog Ensemble in June at Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham :)
  • Pet said:

    Aurora Aksnes tonight.

    How was it?
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  • Dreeke said:

    Pet said:

    Aurora Aksnes tonight.

    How was it?

    Oh yes, I meant to post about that.  It was brilliant -- and very emotional.  She was really good, but she's also very young, bless her.  (She said she's 18.)  When she sang her first song, she was obviously very nervous, painfully so.  Her body language made it clear.  The room was full, and the crowd loved her.  She was clearly both surprised and overwhelmed by the reaction.  During the second song, she seemed more confident, but still concerned.  A few songs later, I could see tears in her eyes -- a reaction to the warmth of the crowd.

    She spoke to the audience, thanking us.  The things she said were obviously unrehearsed, and not entirely coherent.  She said something about coming to London where she has no fans... and then she corrected herself (because of our enthusiasm): "well, I don't know..."  Later, she said: "I know it's a free gig, but..."  She didn't complete her sentence -- something, maybe, about not expecting such an appreciative audience.

    Her band is very good, her voice entrancing.  There were a couple of acoustic numbers.  The whole set lasted about an hour and included two cover versions: "Mr Tambourine Man" and Bowie's "Life on Mars".  "Life on Mars" was her encore (although there was only a short pause between the previous song and the Bowie number).  I had the idea that it might have been an unplanned addition to the set -- she sang it accompanied  only by her keyboard player.  During "Mr Tambourine Man", she broke off, and said that she'd missed a bit out (I'm sure none of us noticed).  Did we want her to backtrack and sing the missing lines?  Of course, we did want that, and made it very clear that we did.

    As I said, it was very emotional.  At one point, tears trickled down my cheeks, which doesn't happen at every gig I attend.  In part, that was a reaction to the beauty of her voice, and in part a reaction to her obvious emotions.
  • Thanks for sharing that Peter!

    Her gig at Eurosonic was the same kind of emotional affair.
    Me and Marlou were both awestruck.

    We ran into her (and her sister) and had a small chat after the gig.
    She was genuinely surprised by the audience turnout and reception.
    Lovely girl.

    We're going to see her again in May.
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  • After Aurora's gig, I searched for her CDs on the Internet.  (I don't do music downloading.  I don't know where downloaded music goes, or what I'm supposed to do with it.)  I could only find one CD on the entire Interweb.  That was a single song CD of "Puppet" available from US Amazon.  It's better than nothing, and I've ordered it.  European Amazons seem only to have downloads available.
  • She's still working on recording her first album. She told me it should be released later this year.
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  • Thank you.  Something for which to look out.
  • My gigs for March include:

    Thurs12th:  Underworld @ Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
    Fri 20th:      The Unthanks @ Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
    Sun 22nd:   Katzenjammer @ Paradiso, Amsterdam
    Sun 29th:    The Filthy Tongues @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
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  • upcoming:

    April 24th: Tove Styrke @ Bitterzoet, A'dam
    April 30th: Ormonde @ Lutherse Kerk, Breda (with my own band supporting - EXCITED! :-SS )
    May 10th: Marina and The Diamonds @ Melkweg, A'dam
    May 16th: London Calling Outdoors festival (a.o. Aurora, Best Coast, Soley, The Undertones) - A'dam
    May 23th: Mew @ Melkweg, A'dam

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  • Canadian Brass, just an hour ago.
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