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  • Far be it from me to suggest that you have a camera addiction, but that was a 14 day holiday from memory, and you were awake, say 16 hours a day. That means you took a photo approx every 8 minutes on that trip, and you spent some time eating, driving and in the lav !
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  • Just call me an Appy snapper!

    What if the Hokey Cokey is what it's all about?
  • Can't see a thing on that map; so, I looked it up. I'm not particularly familiar with the area, as it's known mostly for prostitution and hard drug sales (my heyday was on the East Coast two and a half decades ago). Though I must have driven by it numerous times, I simply don't recall seeing it--certainly never lit up. Of course, you must realize that there's nothing outstanding about a saguaro to a resident of Tucson.
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  • So, any recent or upcoming gigs?
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  • Yes, this conversation is based around one. You might have a look back a few posts if you're truly interested.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • He he. I shall be watching NYPC for the billionth time in a carpark (its free, serves Kopparberg) in Dalston. No idea where Dalston is. Better get onto that. Hmm.

    Dreeke sounded like you really enjoyed your recent festivals.
  • Karin Park was good too. Not seen her before.

    Fuck it I might buy one of her albums. Ive bought nowt this year. Might get the La Roux album too (sorry).
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  • T in the Park festival this weekend.

    I've been going to this for 20 years now & this may possibly be my last. The line-ups have got progressively weaker in the past 5 years & this year it's dramatically so. Not helped by the fact that they dropped the stage that featured most of the cult bands and where I spent the bulk of the weekend in previous years. What we're left with is mostly mass market commercial stuff. Not all bad, but few I'd go out of my way to see.

    London Grammar are by far my favourites. I'm looking forward to seeing a new band called The Amazing Snakeheads & I'll be seeing Chvrches, The Pixies, and Royal Blood. But it comes to something when my other highlights are the Human League and Soul II Soul.

    This year is the last at the current site. I find it strangely appropriate that the line-up is as weak as the first one. There's been many good times in between but time to move on. Possibly to Latitude next year.

    (Mind you, if Goldfrapp play at T again, or they somehow book a few other choice bands, I might go for one of the days. I'm not holding any great hopes though).
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  • You might want to check out Elliphant, Keith.
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  • Is it just me or despite the variety of bands at a festival the BBC show a lot of dadrock?
  • Dreeke said:

    You might want to check out Elliphant, Keith.

    Missed them, I'm afraid, as they were on at the same time as The Amazing Snakeheads (the best performance I saw all weekend).

    Next weekend, I'm at another couple of events with some gems amongst the questionable & the unpallatable.

    Saturday: BBC Live at Edinburgh Castle. It includes Smokey Robinson, Paloma Faith and Bill Bailey.

    Sunday: The Rewind 80s festival. It includes Marc Almond, The Selecter, ABC and Hall & Oates.

  • Just saw St. Vincent two nights ago in Manhattan. She's a guitar beast, that one! I posted about it on another thread. If you get the opportunity to see her, take it! She's playing in Brooklyn on August 9th as a part of Celebrate Brooklyn. Gonna try and go to that, too!
  • I'm seeing my queen Tori Amos at The Beacon on August 12th! It'll be my third time seeing her. :)
  • Kate Boy at The Lexington in London next thursday!
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    "I think it is our job to dream"

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