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  • Dear people,

    It has come to my attention that some of the things I wrote on these boards may have hurt your feelings.
    This is not my intention. I am not good with words, and I suck at communicating on forums, which is why I never visit any. This one excepted.
    If I offended you in any way possible, I send you my sincere apologies. I should have used different words or should have chosen not to reply or write certain things to begin with.
    I am sorry.

    And before this is misinterpreted as attention seeking drama: I honestly mean this and this is not about attention nor drama. This is a real apology from me to you because it is the right thing to do when you make mistakes like I did.
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    “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous." — Queen Victoria
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  • Did you know that, before it was re-written and re-titled "Nadia's Theme," that was composed as a song and an instrumental, each in multiple forms, from the soundtrack to the film Bless the Beasts and the Children?

    It's difficult to hear in this version, but there are two instrumentals on the soundtrack, one of which has this melody played over it.

    Here's another vocal version, called "Lost."

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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Lol. Thats nice. I have some problems o
    in the "real" world and have never been upset by anything on a message board or forum. Words aren't my strong point either. So ive prob upset someone in net land too. But thats what emocons are 4, softening the blow of the alphabet >:)
  • Your only board, interesting.  I hope you are, overall, enjoying it.  While it is not my only board, it is my first and favorite, out of two.  And, I have learned alot about dealing with people by coming here and just banging my head against the wall until I get it right!  The crowd here is awful civilized.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure some will say, "So, you really think you've improved??!?!!?" (stated in a voice of disbelief!)...
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  • No. but it's a start, right? You have to begin somewhere and saying sorry and meaning it felt like a good start to me because I do owe some of you a true apology and after somebody spoke to me in private earlier, i realised things needed to change. I am grateful that person told it like it was. I think I needed that wake up call.
    “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous." — Queen Victoria
  • There's a saying on Japan that I know I've quoted before.  "If you ask a question, you may feel like a fool for a moment.  If you don't ask a question, you feel like a fool for a lifetime."  I think the same could be said of apologizing, except that not recognizing one's mistakes or noting it with an apology can burrow deep into one's soul.  It is a wonderful release if, as you say, it is heartfelt and seriously offered. .
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