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Hammersmith Apollo - 1st Nov 2013 - Who went ?
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  • Yeah, to be fair, the ST seated shows I went to - bexhill and south bank centre - were reallllly beautiful and brilliant, but no one got up at all during either of those.. I feel we've had an initial taste of a tour where we want to be standing up close and personal ;)

    Will certainly enquire about the VIP thing though haha.
  • L ;)
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  • Wait a minute. Didnt Goldfrapp play Hammersmith in the Head First era. Giant arsehole on stage (part of the setting not a statement of any band members!!) I definitely stood for that one as was at the front and knob head camera Nazi nearly took my phone from me  :-w
  • They did. We went. Sally was there... We drank in some pub in a shopping centre before hand.... I don't really recall much else of the evening......

    Bad Laura.
  • ^
    I think I know the pub. Random memory for me was feeling aggrieved at having to pay to go for a piss in a public toilet (we dont do that in Northamptonshire - we can piss for free!!) when I could have gone to the pub for nowt.
    I think I did spot some Frappers in there but this was pre-Facebook so didnt know what a lot of people looked like and was far too nervous/shy to say anything. There was just a group of people that seemed to give off that Goldfrapp aura - in a nice way of course 
  • The only people I met up with that night were Sally and.. Wait, no I think that was it... I was with my Jess at the time, so we kinda just did the whole thing amongst ourselves! God, I now feel reaally dreadful as I can't remember much of it at all?! (same as Brighton 2010 unfortunately)

  • Im going Hammersmith, will be seated by me self. Great. Im going to reserve a few mins of my life in future to have a winge about this fact. And seated gigs in general. Tho Goldfrapp gigs are best enjoyed from a vertical position, I did enjoy a Saint etienne one last year in a London theatre. But we all stood up :D

    why has the Brighton date not been announced I wonder? Maybe we will get an email. I know we had to wait for the festival slots to be done :((
  • I rather enjoy sitting at shows. How about the other old folks here?
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  • If I'm standing for more than 15 mins, my back starts to ache. That's slightly alleviated if I sway and bounce a little to the music. (Outright dancing by the over-45s is probably a jailable offence.)
  • Reason for delete: Possible foot in mouth.
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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • There are quite a few of us in that upper bracket. eg Peter Jeffery, Bottlehead, Keith, me, Duncan, APL, softlad, Micky and Carpy (just!). They've all included their date-of-birth on the old GMB so I'm not giving any secrets away!
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  • IOutright dancing by the over-45s is probably a jailable offence

    At 47 , I should know better but I don't, I'm off to SW4 dance festival in London next month, call the fuzz , they'll be some hooting and dance shenanigans a going on.
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  • ^ Ah, I was wondering whether you were of the vintage, Sartori. Well done then, to be still bopping!

    EDIT: oh, and David Baxter is 47 too. It's almost like the "old boys club".

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  • I kind of like that terminology: "of the vintage." What's the cut-off?
    If I were dead, could I do this?

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