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Anyone else having problems with premium 'balcony' ticket @ Somerset House last Saturday?
  • I know there were a number of people who bought these as they were advertised as providing a balcony view of the concert, but on the night no-one in charge knew anything about this.

    Has anybody had any joy in getting to the bottom of it yet?

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  • I saw people sitting on a raised platform @ the back next to the sound/lighting desk was that supposed to be it? There weren't many people on it
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  • No, it was supposed to be either the East or West wing balcony overlooking the courtyard - but staff said this has never been done in the past, so...?
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  • Have you written to the promoter to seek a difference in a refund? Weren't the balcony tickets about £50?
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  • Hi Pascho

    I've been emailing them about the supposed "Balcony" view but, like you, they want me to provide a link to the now non-existent page containing that description. There were several people there that evening that complained, and one of the managers "Mel G" came over and took our names and gave us an email address to write to. Were you one of that group of people?

    Regards, Bernie
  • Yes, I've been emailing them, but they now want me to send a link to the page showing this info & as the concert has been and gone it is no longer available on-line.

    I wondered if any of the other people caught the same way were members of this board.


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