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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • I emailed sandbag as I'd not received any updates since ordering in
    June, and they said "we're still set for a mid-November release"
  • rewak said:

    Just means they have the option of selling it separate later on, potentially adding new films or maybe a live show or in an HD format. Even if nothings added having the option of selling it standalone is the more financially sensible move.

    A very good point well made. I'd also add that at no point have they ever even inferred that the full film would ever be in the deluxe box - that was us, the fans wanting it to be. That's a very different thing.

    They (Alison, Lisa, etc) certainly do seem to be treating the film as animal in it's own right judging by comments and steps so far. Not wanting the remaining films on that website ahead of them being seen in the context of the finished film, for example, and having the plans for the film launch almost separate from the albums life cycle.

    In many ways I can see the logic of this - it means the work on the film doesn't get lost in the noise for the album release and, handily, the release of the film then gives a little refreshing push to people for the album.

    Releasing the film in full only in the limited run of box sets would absolutely undermine the work taken to film and record it. Having a cinema and commercial release separate is a win from many angles.

    Separate but still symbiotic.
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  •  Not to be mercenary about it but they`d need to recoup the film costs as well , having an artistic vision is one thing , paying for its another . I`d agree with Rewak , but I don`t quite get the timing about this in order to make hay on it - a big cinema gig splurge promo do dah things ?

    I do recall her saying something about a "one off" show after Xmas (?) in an interview recently , whether this ties in with her other note about a gig and showing the films after or not , who knows .
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  • Jo_ey said:

    What is Moog though

    I want to say "a weird floating cartoon dog from Willo the Wisp" but that's so niche only about two people will get it. Ah, what the heck, I've said it now anyway!


  • Yeh a post album dvd release would be cool, again maybe with some other cheeky bits and bobs on it. Sweet!
  • So... How long do you think it'll be now?

  • Soon! Mid November? 20th it should be posted out surely....?
  • I meant that'll be the latest date it'll be sent out.....
  • If it's December 2nd I won't be best pleased, we've technically been waiting for this for 5 months now.

  • I might as well keep this as a Christmas present now.
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  • 19 days to go. For you lot. I am too skint.
  • Hmm. Surely they would have emailed us saying it's late? It's still saying shipping mid November on sandbag.....

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