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  • No I like Rocket... Great lead single, killer mixes and video.... :)

    An orchestral version in July might be pushing it though... ;)
  • I think EMI were breathing down their neck a bit and steering them into a more mainstream direction with Head First. Still, Goldfrapp proved they could do the pop thing and do it well. The fact that the new album is the lovechild of Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree probably means that Goldfrapp were always going to play to their own strengths once they were trusted to be left to their own devices. I'm so glad they're back with Mute.

  • What's worse than being told what do with your own art?
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  • You can tell by how excited Alison is and overjoyed and blissful lately that they've had 100% TOTAL control over this album. I think we're gonna be hit by a freight train here. Or perhaps... a Frapptrain. heh. Sorry, had to.

    Seriously hoping for some B-sides/covers though.
  • There was obviously something about tape coats in 2010...that silver Doughnut was astounding though!!!!


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  • My lovely cassette has finally arrived!

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  • My fave album is Head First. Fave song is Rocket, esp. the 'oh-oh-oh' part.
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  • Juanbjork is........tika?? This is a guess, I love tika and haven't seen him round yet and I know he likes Head First :)
  • LOL, how many times has this thread changed titles?

    OK, I've changed titles on 2 of mine too, but not in such a random way!

  • :-) i got that vinyl in Houston Texas at sound waves music store when I was visiting my parents, and when I showed my mom she asked, what does she sing? I dont remember what i said
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  • I seem to remember Alison taking the line that she likes 'Hunt' and 'Voice Thing' which are probably my favorite tracks on the album too, though I really don't have a problem with any of it. I'm glad that the same format of vinyl with CD and poster is coming out for 'Tales of Us'- good call and it's what I voted for on the Mute poll ;)
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  • I like Head First a lot. It's probably nowhere near as good as say, Felt Mountain, but it's good for what it was trying to be. I respect her for not being afraid to publicly critique her own work though.

    I think you've articulated that really well. I think Head First is pretty uplifting, I have a few a positive associations with it, like my cat recovering a really serious illness, so I can't help but like it. I realise the new album is going to be moving well away from that sound, but I hope Goldfrapp will come back with an electro album at some point in the future.
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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I made a comment at the time and it still holds fairly true. It sounds, to me, like two separate EP's.

    One is a good quality Goldfrapp release and the other sounds like the Scissor Sisters had snook into the studio and played some tunes. There's nothing at all wrong with the second lot as pop tunes - they're pretty infectious and were great live - but they just strayed a bit far from where Goldfrapp work best.

    When it works, Hunt being a glorious example, it was right on target.
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