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Goldfrapp Dreams

  • I had a great one last night.  Every time I was woken up by my partner coughing or the toddler crying I still managed to go back into it.  
    Hard to describe as dreams always are but I was going to a Tales of Us gig.  There was a meet & greet with Alison for some, I was at the top of the queue (well it was my dream)  I ended up spending twenty minutes chatting, I have no idea what about but I do remember she told me what she planned to wear at the gig, I've forgotten now!  
    The venue was tiny.  The layout was weird & included wheelchairs as seats....I stood at the front next to them.  Unfortunately the gig never started *sigh*
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  • Una said:

     the gig never started *sigh*

    I'm sure you were just saving it for the real deal.  Cool dream!

    If I hadn't seen this thread, I'm sure I wouldn't have remembered  the one I had last night and, as it is, I can't remember much of it, except Alison was driving my car and I was in the passenger seat or looking in the passenger window.
  • Ever since the announcing on "Tales Of Us" my Goldfrapp dreams have become far less frequent. I can't tell if that's good or bad.

  • How real are they? What's their vividity? *pretty sure not an actual word*
  • How real are they? What's their vividity? *pretty sure not an actual word*

    Well they used to just involve me living out days where suddenly Goldfrapp had announced a new album, and better still, sometimes I actually had the album. I couldn't listen to it though. (My brain can't imagine what new frapp material sounds like, it's just too much.) Most were pretty wrong, like the album containing 12 songs, or announcing the album with a music video (well, kind of right).

    But what kinda freaked me out though is that in one dream I saw the album cover, and it was in black and white with Alison dressed in black on the front cover. And that was before I even saw the first Tales Of Us pic back in February. I suppose it wasn't too hard to guess what it would actually look like but still, usually what I imagine is never close to the finished product.

  • on these hot / warm summer nights i've dreamed that i was part of the support band at a Goldfrapp gig i was on the guitar with a 4x12 marshall stack on full bore, i did a guitar solo track & crowd went insane, after will & alison came up to me & said that was bloody amazing would you like to do a track or two with us?, so i said yes, i did Train & Ride A White Horse.....
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

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