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  • Anyone run across a new social website?  When I say new, I mean not a pitiful replica of twitter which, to me, was always pitiful?

    I feel like websites for social interaction are all stuck in the 2nd millennium.  Nobody is innovating.

    I keep imagining opening up to a website that looks like a lot of galaxies with labels, like "News", "Conversations", "Music", "Movies", etc. (or, maybe, the galaxy is "Entertainment")

    Anyways, then, you could zoom into one of those galaxies and encounter things like "Goldfrapp" as a star in the Music galaxy.

    But, the one that really I am most interested in (anyone surprised?) is "Conversations" (and, maybe, that is also a heading under every heading (i.e. Music, Goldfrapp, etc).  You might see ongoing conversations in the Galaxy of Conversations on Philosophy, followed by 'stars' for Plato, Socrates, Urban Tribesman and a heading under Music for instruments, followed by guitar, violin, oboe.

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  • I feel like the forums are a great place to do that. It's a place for people who actually want to be here and talk about the band and the music can come together and really talk about stuff.

    With social media, you just get anyone chiming in these days, and a lot of the comments people leave on things are so negative, it's like "why have you even bothered to express that? You could have just not clicked on it and moved on to something else you like..."

    Right now, i'm on Instagram and that's really the only social platform i'm willing to use. I hate all the bells and whistles (and don't get me started on the TikTok'esque videos i'm subjected to) but i'm kind of on there mainly because i've developed a good relationship with people i wouldn't really be able to connect with elsewhere, so i'm just begrudgingly on there, posting stuff, liking things and connecting.

    I wish we could all go backwards in regard to social media. Pair everything down. Back to basics. Let people discover things for themselves, rather than stuff being rammed into your face.

    It's also become this huge platform for people to express their views and opinions on things, and the younger generation are like sponges that soak it all up and just develop this kind of black and white based opinion on things because of these "influencers"

    The internet. It has it's pro's and cons.
  • lol, but to answer your question. No, I haven't come across anything new :p

    Is Pinterest considered social media? I don't use it a great deal. But when I do, it's more for gathering collections of "pretty things" for inspiration. Mainly for interior decor ideas.
  • I actually found someone that will talk about it, cookie.  That is a huge improvement.

    You hit a lot of the points that annoy me so about social websites.  There's a reason I don't use the term "social media".  There is the obsession with media.  

    I about drown in the misery on Post.  I hated twitter's 288 characters (does that surprise anyone?).  Yeah, and you better believe that's past tense.  I hated that platform before the asshole came aboard.

    You see, though, cookie, that's the problem.  I think a lot of people become affronted by saying anything other than something about Goldfrapp on this site.  It is like a shrine to Goldfrapp.

    I would like one site that is easy to navigate and I can find conversations on intelligent topics, fun topics, awful news, the weather (?maybe?), anything worth talking about.  All of the hoopla over the atrociousness of the human race makes me sick.  Froth at the mouth about this or that ramification of the human race being totally fucked up and no one ever asks what the root cause is for all of the nonsense.

    Okay, that was off-track.  Here's the deal.  I would give anyone my insights on what a good social website (not media!!!!) could look like.  Can you imagine, for instance, a website in which, when you first enter, looks like a view of outer space with galaxies spread across your screen.  If you look close, you see labels on each galaxy, like "news", "conversations", "music", "sports", etc.  As you zoom in on one area of interest, the stars spread out and, in music, one of the stars is labeled "Goldfrapp".  Ou, just thought of the idea that each star may be surrounded by planets, like "group", "solo".

    Anyways, there is a virtual reality that could make social websites something far different than such limited platforms from the dark ages, like twitter, istagram, tiktok, Post, and all of the other twitter wannabe's.  Why in the world anyone would want to replicate the awful, dimwitted, format of twitter is beyond me.

  • The way you describe that website is a little like Björks Biophilia app.

    If you haven't had chance to experience it, I'd really suggest you have a go. That's if it's still available. Last time I checked it was available on the Google Play Store, and it was free!

    See, now that was engaging!
  • You are always engaging, cookie.

    Yes, that is similar.  I don't think the three-dimensionality would be useful, in this case.  I'll have to think about that a little.

    I've been working on the concept a little more and I really like it.  It's all about interconnectedness and conversations, rather than a barrage of info, which is what I usually get on my latest foray into the existing nonsense regarding online social interaction.
  • I joined Mastodon a couple of months ago, when it looked like the Elon owned Twitter was going to implode.
    If you are a regular Twitter user, then Mastodon is like walking in a quiet, leafy garden. 
    I recently joined FaceBook, reluctantly, but there were quite a few local history, ancestry & other niche groups that were very interesting & Lisa didn’t like me using hers but I only use it for those groups. I have a Pinterest account (a bit like keeping a scrapbook) & Lisa has an Instagram account (2 actually) for her art, which I manage for her, and a YouTube account which she doesn’t use so I use it to post gig videos I take. We both have a Flickr account but use them rarely.
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  • I am just so tired of 20th century look-alikes.  We've been around computers for awhile now.  I am surprised no one has taken the social websites to new dimensions.  The stupid single timeline that all of the social websites use are such a joke.  The dumbing down of humanity continues.  "Build it for the capacity of a moron and they will come!"

    Well, I could rant all day about the many limitations of social sites but I won't.
  • It's just so damned incoherent.  You have your choice of everything or some hashtag that gets you flowers, or scenery, or neurodiversity, or politics, or a jillion other little hashtags.

    How do you find a conversation worth engaging in?

    It just feels so very incompetent.  It's like, "how little effort can I put into making a place on the web that will accrue me lots of money?"

    I've been on Post for awhile and I am rather convinced they are doing their damnedest to keep everyone focused on the news.  They have so many roadblocks to carrying a conversation that it takes one's breath away.

    Then, again, maybe no one really wants to converse, except for the few are exceptions, like CM.
  • The Post website reminds me of Border_Mind.  Poor guy was getting way too much news and it was twisting his innards.  Post is a feast on left-wing outrage.  I mean, I get it.  It's just that talking about it online to others that feel the same way seems like a waste of time.  If they were at least proposing how to fix or something and not just being shocked, horrified, and outraged by it all, that would be something.

    I gotta say.  I feel like I came down pretty hard on party-gurl or whatever her name was.  Maybe you are getting the picture of just how messed up the U.S. is.  I'm not sure the U.K. is that much better but, wow!, the crap that people believe in the U.S., just to feel like they have the inside story or some such nonsense, is mind-boggling.  Thugs being given free rein, right on up the chain of command and right down to the individual lurker.  Sorry, didn't mean to go off.  Too much time on Post.

    Somebody reminded me today that both sides in the U.S. are pretty extreme.  Polarization.  I am so tired of the split personality of humanity.  To me, it only indicates that we are not human yet.
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