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Wishing Alison Well
  • Hope the title didn't scare anyone! Haven't posted in *years* on here but wishing you all good health and safety in these trying times - including Alison and her partner.

    I'm not sure whether anyone else on here knows, but both of them are recovering from COVID-19 according to Alison's personal Instagram. Last thing I want is to make a big thing of it, but figured the longtime forum members here (especially those who don't use social media) would like to know.

    Here's the text from her post for those who don't want to deal with account setup hassle:

    "A Suffolk U.K sunrise, taken a few months back. A bit cheesy, but I’m kinda enjoying it this morning. I’m also enjoying lying on my heated kitchen floor... looking up at the skylight watching clouds rushing past, fantasising about future road trips and foreign travel. Things can feel really quite grim as we face such uncertainty. Covid and Brexit...what an awful combo! Then the U.S election too...there’s a lot happening.. and it feels like our lives continue to hang in limbo.

    Myself and my partner are recovering from Covid. It’s been horrible and quite scary at times. Im pretty ok, just get tired quickly, sleep loads and I have no taste or smell. My partner on the other hand is still quite poorly, but at least he’s recovering at home now.
    Our symptoms at the beginning were not the typical ones mentioned and we were quite shocked when we tested positive. It was also surprising when the virus really took hold...it was horrible and I have to say I felt quite panicky about what might happen next. Anyway...we are now, finally... on the mend and I’m staying positive about life and all the good things to experience in this moment & in the future.

    Take good care of yourselves please xxxxx!"

    They seem to be bearing up (Alison particularly though I hope her sense of smell and taste return) but it sounds like a scary and rough time, so I thought it would be nice to wish them well on here together (I'm sure she checks the site occasionally). And, of course, nothing but good wishes for Will and everyone else in/around the band.

    Feel free to sound off below with your well-wishes and let's keep them in our thoughts. In some ways we're a big family, and we'll get through this together before long! 
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  • Thanks for the update.  My best wishes, as well.
  • Best wishes Slip & nice to see you back, if only briefly.
    I had seen it on Insta. She’s been holed up near us on the Suffolk/Essex border for some point of this year. The picture she posted where she was swimming in the river had a building On the opposite bank in the background that we know from being ‘local’.
    It’s about 8 miles from us & we shop around there occasionally, so always looking out for “Goldfrapp in unusual places’ opportunity!
    Stay safe.
    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • i saw it and thought "Shit!"

    They'll pull through it though.

    Sending my love and healing vibes to them both :)

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