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London Royal Festival Hall Gig, Sunday 29th March
  • I’ve posted this elsewhere but just to confirm I have an extra ticket for this gig.
    I originally bought 2 extra as Minsku & Caro Maple failed to get tickets on pre sale day. Both got sorted on normal sale day.  I’ve already sold one to Keith_gmb for a friend so I still have the 2nd.
    It is a stalls ticket, row WW, seat 31. It is a print at home ticket (which you could do if you bought it through the RFH website) and cost £47.50 with a £3.00 booking fee, so £50.50 in total and I will sell it for what I paid for it.
    We’ve got 4 tickets elsewhere and I have to meet Keith to hand over his Ticketmaster ticket, so a pre gig meet up somewhere for a drink is highly likely.
    Let me know if anyone’s interested. 

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