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Unpopular Opinion. But... (Head First)
  • I know this is widely regarded as an unpopular opinion, but Head First is my favourite GF album.

    I only really decided that recently, and while it's technically not as simple as saying X is better than Y when every album is amazing, Head First has my favourite aesthetic.  Voicething and the album cover design says it all really.  I love how colourful the music is.  I love the heavy use of synths.

    Does anybody else feel the same? 

    Not to mention, the remixes...

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  • I do like the 80’s vibe quite a bit. The album ranks quite high on my list but my all time favorite is Felt Mountain. It was this album that got me into Goldfrapp when it got released and I still get goosebumps when I play it.
  • Gaelen, I am with you 100%!
    Rocket is my favorite Goldfrapp song. I love every album, but Headfirst really sticks out for me. 

    I never understood why people were so against this album haha. 

    And the remixes! I think the remixes released for HF are some of the best! 
    (I really didn't like any remixes of Silver Eye)

  • Voicething is probably one of the most touching and fascinating songs ever. And it’s on this very album. So I’m fine with it. :)
    Be patient.

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