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  • So, what's the thoughts on what the next album will be like?  I think it's long enough after Silver Eye that we can start chatting about future direction.  

    Do you reckon it'll be a more sombre album akin to 7T, Tales or Felt Mountain?  Or do you reckon it'll continue the Supernature trend.

    Personally I think looking at their past patterns, the next album will be more acoustic but I always hope for a stomper :-) 
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  • She's with this new guy who himself is a creative and seems to be really supportive of her singing. He made this audio cloud thing, which I thought was super sweet. It's really nice to see her really happy and just embracing being creative and just being able to enjoy the simple things.

    I think, as you guys have pointed out, I'm in no massive need for new goldfrapp material, especially a new album. We already know how crap the process is when they are forced to get something out superfast, so i'd much rather wait, let them take their time and see what they release in the not too distant future.

    I think you're right too @Slippage, I don't think they are going to want to release a major new album before they get this delayed felt mountain tour out the way. In the meantime I'd settle for some kind of soundtrack work, a little EP maybe?  We'll see, I guess :)

    I hope Mrs UT's Kidney Stone treatment all goes ok and swiftly! @Urban_Tribesman :)

  • How does she look better and better as she ages?

  • Got a weird feeling that there might be along wait when Alison (during the latest Facebook chat) said something along the lines of : "A new album - who knows when that will be?"... 

    However - I am thinking their next album will be a mix of all albums thus far. Not in that the songs will all have different feels but in that the songs themselves will mix elements of all albums. Who knows what that would sound like.
  • I must admit i'm not expecting a new album in the next two years, but I like your thoughts on a mix of all the albums.  A la carte...
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  • When I spoke to Will at the Moogs concert earlier in the year I asked him about new music and he said there will be festival gigs later in the years ( the ones over June and July). When I pressed him and said, no, I meant a new album, he said 'Oh, who knows, you'll have to ask Alison about that' which led me to believe she initiates and contacts him and says 'fancy doing another album?' and, so far, he's said 'Come round'.
    Get the feeling once the thrill from Silver Eye has passed, she will get itchy feet again. It's what she does and I see no reason she's had enough yet. It's a drug.
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  • I feel like I'm not emotionally ready to move past Silver Eye yet since I'm still bitter they never really toured North America. their last US tour was for Head First... I hope whatever it sounds like they get a better booking agent to go along with it.
  • I still love and listen a lot to Silver Eye but I'm already anticipating the new direction,I hope album VIII wouldn't take longer than 2020 to land but for Goldfrapp I can be patient <3
  • as seen on twitter Alison seems to be doing a lot of reading - hopefully the books she has selected will inspire her to call on will and get the ball rolling soon! :) but yes - patience with gsldfrapp is always worth it.
  • i kind of hope before a new album we get Alison's coffee table book of all her beautiful pictures and then maybe a soundtrack to a film they've helped score??? very much wishful thinking :)
  • Julex said:

    ...album VIII...

    Don't know if that was intentional however it's pretty difficult to typo roman numerals between eight & nine, it's definitely album number nine/IX.
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  • I was having a think about this the other day.. What the sound / story / inspiration will be for album eight. HF > Tales > SE were so contrasting, it'll be interesting to see what the next step will be..
  • While I’ve loved everything thus far I feel like the past few albums have lacked a bit of the “FUN” vibe from some of my favourites. Would be nice to have Alison further explore her inner Marlene Dietrich / Lena Lovich. Dunno. Of course they also don’t know until they hit the studio whenever that will be.
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  • I get the feeling that Alison is now at the stage of the album making cycle where she's travelling and getting inspired. Only a matter of time before she starts writing again... if she hasn't already.

  • Gaelen said:

    Julex said:

    ...album VIII...

    Don't know if that was intentional however it's pretty difficult to typo roman numerals between eight & nine, it's definitely album number nine/IX.

    I meant it, the next album will be their 8th album - but I wasn't counting the singles or "We're Glitter" :)
  • Don’t know why but get the feeling the process has already begun. I predict a single by November. Wishful thinking :)
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