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Silver Eye Deluxe Edition
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  • NO MORE VINYL?!?!?!?! how hard can it be to repress the old albums? tbh i hope BMG or whoever license it out and convince them to duplicate it a la Felt Mountain's US release forcing their hand. Give the people what they want!

    Pretty disappointing answers otherwise too. I guess truly unfinished tracks wouldn't make their way onto a release, but a bummer that they're in general uninterested in giving us unreleased material. And no touring :( Guess we don't have much hope of ever seeing them in the US outside of New York or Los Angeles from here on out.

    I haven't re-listened to the stream, but my recollection is that she said something along the lines of how 'I don't know why - we all love vinyl'.

    She responded to all the requests to tour more widely with enthusiasm but mentioned the financial side of it as a major constraint.

    Someone's uploaded it onto Youtube now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37yIjN8x9qk
  • It all ties into each other, and unfortunately I get the overall impression that they just don't have strong advocates willing to put up the upfront investment to take them to the next level anymore (either at the label or somewhere along the line). i see them trying their hardest to make it work with amazing visuals but stretching locations/shoots to cover multiple projects (Silver Eye), and even becoming innovative where they can but getting stopped partway by funding restraints (Tales of Us having an unexpected and broad theater run, but only 5/10 tracks with their own films).

    demand for touring is undeniably built by things like hit singles and successful charting albums, sure. but it's also built by public awareness of their catalog, and in 2018, an excellent way to reintroduce the public outside of a loyal fanbase is through vinyl reissues. vinyl is popular, and getting new pressings out in stores reminds folks of their past classics, in turn building interest in their newer releases as well as their touring schedule. it just doesn't seem like they have someone at the label putting the pieces together and willing to make a push to really promote and build on their impressive catalog - and a lazy Singles album doesn't cut it at all.
  • I'm not particularly fond of remixes in general these days. What happened to the old '80s style 12" extended dance mix?
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  • anyone picked it up? the photos/design intrigue me but i feel like i need a really good price point to bother re-buying
  • I still need to get this.. I've always loved the picture from the cover art, so glad it was finally used for a release!
  • Currently on the Island of Fuerteventura following Alision’s travelogue experiences. Found the site of the mountains at sunset she posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and also the site where the Anymore (well some of it) and other Silver Eye videos. Mr & Mrs Appy are here as well and he took a short video roughly where the girls stand at the start of the vid with Anymore playing in the background.
    Class A stalking! Expecting a restraining order anytime now!
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  • delll
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  • Haha UT, I certainly would stalk Alison when i was at my peak Goldfrapp madness few years back! ;)

    And now I'm listening to SE after a lenghty break. Oh it's still so good :)

    EDIT: That synth solo on Systemagic! Magic!
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