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What TV Show are you watching right now?
  • Don't shoot the messenger but somehow ended up watching a solid hours worth of Celebrity Big Brother 
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  • I've had to amend something i said earlier about Ann Widdecombe that I wasn' aware of as her name mentioned here could upset a few people.
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  • Amongst a few things Widdecome has made a very naive mistake on her part by declaring that Harvey Weinsteins victims had a choice in their ordeal.

    Clearly she doesn't quite get it.
  • Serenity is not happy. I repeat. Not happy.

    So there i was getting uber excited about Dancing on Ice but ITV have completely botched the show up good and proper this time!! Its incoherent, cameras keep panning over to random people cleaning the ice, other contestants rehearsing in the corner and a bloke with glittery headphones on.

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  • Serenity is not happy. I repeat. Not happy.


    ;~j  Ha!  I truly wish I could find an emoticon I like but you just crack me up sometimes, Serenity.  Seriously.

    But, that show sounds seriously whacked.  They must be on drugs or something....
  • But it's the same for everything- even food products. Food manufacturers like TV producers just keep on screwing over things changing recipes and formulas to save money. And not for the better. Nothing to do with drugs, just a bunch of overpaid numpties who haven't got a clue.

    More viewers equals more profit but in this case I've noticed quite a few grumbles from people this time round.
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  • That sucks.  I guess I haven't experienced that, though my food consumption is rather basic, most of the time.  I do tend to burn my tongue rather regularly with wasabi.

    I'm still not sure how anything but a cameraman whacked out on drugs can account for the skating show, though.
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  • So, you mentioned somewhere, somewhen that you tend to wipe out WH Smith of books.  Do you read them all?  I've had a real difficulty, lately, in that I've bought a lot of books and finished very few of them.  That used to be an ultimate horror for me but, somehow, that changed.  I'm still reading the two Tolstoy books and I find them rather interesting in an historical manner.   The one book I've read lately that just knocked me out was Patti Smith's "Just Kids".  It really was a good book and I still can't figure out why I liked it so much.  She is very plain-spoken but it is just so readable!

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