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What TV Show are you watching right now?
  • Don't shoot the messenger but somehow ended up watching a solid hours worth of Celebrity Big Brother 
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  • I've had to amend something i said earlier about Ann Widdecombe that I wasn' aware of as her name mentioned here could upset a few people.
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  • Amongst a few things Widdecome has made a very naive mistake on her part by declaring that Harvey Weinsteins victims had a choice in their ordeal.

    Clearly she doesn't quite get it.
  • Serenity is not happy. I repeat. Not happy.

    So there i was getting uber excited about Dancing on Ice but ITV have completely botched the show up good and proper this time!! Its incoherent, cameras keep panning over to random people cleaning the ice, other contestants rehearsing in the corner and a bloke with glittery headphones on.

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  • Serenity is not happy. I repeat. Not happy.


    ;~j  Ha!  I truly wish I could find an emoticon I like but you just crack me up sometimes, Serenity.  Seriously.

    But, that show sounds seriously whacked.  They must be on drugs or something....
  • But it's the same for everything- even food products. Food manufacturers like TV producers just keep on screwing over things changing recipes and formulas to save money. And not for the better. Nothing to do with drugs, just a bunch of overpaid numpties who haven't got a clue.

    More viewers equals more profit but in this case I've noticed quite a few grumbles from people this time round.
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  • That sucks.  I guess I haven't experienced that, though my food consumption is rather basic, most of the time.  I do tend to burn my tongue rather regularly with wasabi.

    I'm still not sure how anything but a cameraman whacked out on drugs can account for the skating show, though.
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  • So, you mentioned somewhere, somewhen that you tend to wipe out WH Smith of books.  Do you read them all?  I've had a real difficulty, lately, in that I've bought a lot of books and finished very few of them.  That used to be an ultimate horror for me but, somehow, that changed.  I'm still reading the two Tolstoy books and I find them rather interesting in an historical manner.   The one book I've read lately that just knocked me out was Patti Smith's "Just Kids".  It really was a good book and I still can't figure out why I liked it so much.  She is very plain-spoken but it is just so readable!
  • I haven't been in WHSmith for ages!! Are you familiar with the store Whickwithy. It's more of a high end stationery shop. I got s decent laminate from there. But I would nt buy my books from there.

    Waterstones is a lot better. Also haven't been reading anything. I'm just too tired these days to read anything. I'm interested in fantasy/gothic and poetry so if you have any recommendations.
  • I've seen a new programme called Brittania being advertised in the TV guide etc but it's on Sky Atlantic. Which i don't have.

    One is not impressed.
  • Yes, Serenity, I am familiar with WH Smith.  My favorite in England, though, is Waterstone's.  I just find such a stark difference between bookstores in England and America.  America is strictly about selling, so they pump the best sellers madly.  In England, it seems like they are more about, hmmm, literature for literature's sake(?).  I'm not sure that explains it well but it is more ... I can't find a word to describe it.  I will miss them when the online stores finally do them in.
  • By the way, another 'drama' tv series from America that you may enjoy is "Covert Affairs".  It's a storyline about a young woman in the CIA.  I think it's really well done.  The transformation of the characters over the span of the five seasons is really well done.  The intrigue, the lurking characters, the good guys that get killed, yeah, pretty much a drama, I guess.
  • Girlfriends on ITV1. Mainly because it's about 3 women who are all childhood friends trying to get their own back on their boring predictable husbands. One of the women tries to bump off her domestically violent husband by trying to shove him overboard into the Mediterean sea to A) get rid of him forever and B) Rake in the insurance money

    She tells everyone that he committed suicide which isn't true. Then a body washes up in a Malaga sea cove and she goes over to identify the body. The body is not that of her husband but she goes along with it.

    Later she goes out to a bar with her girlpals and her 'dead husband tries to attack her. She tries to drug his beer with sleeping tablets but he spits it out.

    I don't know The end of the last episode bug I wish they would dump him properly somewhere in the straits of Gibraltar!
  • It's a really funny comedy series- so if your here in the UK definitely watch it.
  • Not very likely I'll have a good reason to visit, again.
  • Some of us here feel that way about staying WW!

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