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  • What are people's plans for Christmas? Do any of you plan New year' eve celebrations in advance?

    Do you stay at home or go away somewhere?
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  • I'm stealing it.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I usually plan a little escape on Christmas, even if it's just to the local beach wherever I'm at. Last New Year's I went to a Roaring 20's party and met an English rose dressed as a flapper. I got so drunk, I went home with her. I ended up tripping in her bathroom and fell into her bathtub. She had a flag for a shower curtain, so when I managed to get up..I was wrapped in the Union Jack! Even though we are no longer together, I'll prob visit her this New Year's too- she invited me.
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  • Blimey that sounds euphoric!!

    Are you sure your not one of the Spice Girls lurking on here? Ginger Spice by any chance?

    Your hilarious PG- love it!! Never stop with the comedy value.

    I can't say I've ever fell into a bathtub. Knowing my luck id fall in and there would no no towels or anything and im just standing there shitting myself.
  • Oh, it was euphoric alright- I spent like 20 minutes trying to get the damn shower curtain rod back on the wall..just part of the seduction ;) i'm surprised she was still awake by the time I made it to bed, haha. I guess I'd be Clutzy Spice if I were a Spice girl, if the shoe fits- So, are you headed anywhere for the Holidays? Any holiday escape?
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • I'm laughing so hard at this my throat hurts. Haha!! I wouldn't have bothered trying to put the rod back up!!

    I bet you've got some right stories to tell! Are you sure you got any kip that night PG? I think i would be clumsy spice.

    No I'm not off anywhere. Would be nice i guess but spending it with family makes it special.
  • As mentioned in another thread, we are heading to N Wales.christmas Day afternoon walks along the beach....could be bracing!
  • Ooh North Wales? Whereabouts exactly? I do prefer South Wales myself. I love Wales.

    I have been to Rhyll (It's a bit shit no offence), Abergavveney, Brecon Beacons (absolutely amazing place), Mumbles Bay, Llangollen and Swansea.

    Snowdonia is where I want to venture to next. Pembrokeshire and the Yorkshire Moors pretending i am Emily Bronte. Just lush. I also want to visit the Bronte Parsonage too because everyone knows I'm into history.
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  • Colwyn Bay. I like S Wales too, Tenby etc.
  • Tenby is lovely too. I'm going to check out Colwyn Bay.

    Where are you from originally Kat if you do not mind me enquiring?

    Have you been down to Devon and Cornwall? This sounds like nuts but i really want to try surfing! I'm a water baby. I love swimming in the sea but the English seas scare me!!
  • Originally from Lincoln. Got a true Yellow Belly ( a couple of them actually). Never been to D or C but Catherine hails from Wiltshire And promises to take me to her favourite Devon beaches one day. She surfs, dives, black belt at karate, you name it...( or did before she went into teaching!). The day after we married this year she took our arthritic pensioner dog Boo out on a surfboard. I’m not allowed to post pics due to her having the additional belly too ( though the dog looks cool on the board!)
  • You've got to tell me more about this yellow belly thing now?

    Well if you do ever make it to Devon please check out the award winning Woolacombe beach. The hotspot of surfers galore. Great beach and fantastic atmosphere.

    Oh my gosh your little doggy goes surfing!! That Boo is a lucky girly isn't she?

    Have you sorted Boos Xmas pressies out yet? I bet her presents are uber trendy.

    Please please please please post a picture of boo surfing and doing karate. She is a cute dog.

    And how is little Jakey doing?

    The only near surfing experience i have to date is with a body board. Now imagine trying to launch oneself on a body board in a rough sea. It did not go well and i socked myself in the stomach with it.

    Anyway i fear not. On the agenda for next time is paddle boarding. It looks funny from afar especially if paddleboard is aqaumarine/blue. You look like your walking on water.
  • Folks from Lincolnshire are called Yellow Bellies, it’s some reference to the uniform soldiers wore in the Boer War ( or was it the Crimea? ....). Nothing to do with cowardice or cabbage jaundice.
    My marriage would be over if I posted a pic of Catherine in her bikini, she’s made that quite clear, though she really has nothing to worry about ( huh). Maybe I can send one to your private email.
    Jakey Boy is good thanks. We call him the Hunk in Trunks now he wears doggy underpants!
  • I’ve been making, and have just scoffed, mince pies. Thought I’d tweak things a little by adding chopped satsuma and a splash of Morgan’s Spiced to the mincemeat, and by gum...they are yummy if I do say so myself. About 600 calories a pie, so off for a long doggy walk now in the windy woods!
  • Kat knows my Dad was a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly. He was born in Crowland, just over the border from Cambridge. In that area, the borders betweenLincolnshire, Cambridge and Norfolk are very close to each other. A mile makes all the difference in the Fens!
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  • I’ve been walking the pooches in your stomping ground round Crowland again this aft UT. I’d like to say it worked the mince pie off but then I came home and had another one. Oops.

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