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  • Hello Folks!

    Is anyone doing anything fun for fireworks night, or attending any council run park events.

    I love sparklers and Catherine wheels. I really like looking at the colours and effects, and there' nothing better than fireworks being let off to times music with some laser beams thrown in.

    This is why I love Autumn time so much.
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  • How do people celebrate in America- I'm intrigued?
  • Oh crap I've put this in the wrong place! Can somebody move it to miscellaneous?
  • Serenity, you should be able to go back to your original post and hit edit.  You can then change the category.

    I so wish we had a bonfire night like England.  But, no such luck.  It tickles me that I can't figure out if Guy Fawkes is considered a hero or villain.  I only found about about the gunpowder revolt through "V for Vendetta" which I like a lot.  He was certainly portrayed as a hero in that movie.
  • The best we have, this time of year, is Thanksgiving.  It is a nice time for family to get together.  But, bonfire night seems more of a night for the whole community to get together.  We could probably use a lot more of that in the U.S.  Maybe there would be less loonies around if we had a better sense of community.
  • Ah wicky- there has been a brand new tv drama called 'Gunpowder' here in the UK. Although it's come in for some harsh criticism for its extended execution scenes which i couldn't watch.

    I love the idea of thanksgiving. So what do you do for that?
  • A big feast usually consisting of Turkey or ham, beets or sweet potatoes (or both), and lots of pies.  That and Christmas are where the extended family attempt to get together.  Basically, halloween kicks of the holidays and work becomes relegated to an also-ran until after New Year's.

    Have you figured out how to edit your original post in this thread?  It should be straightforward.  Just click the button marked "edit" at the top of the original post in the thread.
  • Hey Whick.
    We did not have it either until someone started it. We did not really do Halloween either until we started to follow your lead so I suggest next year you start a trend and build a bonfire, get a guy on the top ( Donald Trump mask optional) and light it with some fireworks. Before you know it, you too will have bonfire night!
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    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
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  • My Friend just tweeted a photo of him at West Midlands Safari Park...

    What on earth is a firework show doing at a Zoo?

    Without trying to expect the worst i'm going to imagine the animals at the zoo were put away in enclosures where they couldn't hear anything at all, but do you expect a zoo to properly soundproof enclosures/pens to that they can't hear anything at all? :/

  • Well lots of places do actually organise big fireworks events.

    For example Drayton Manor and Alton Towers do this every year. They are big events attracting hundreds of people (if you fancy being squashed in one area like a sardine). It's all over priced stuff. The local parks are cheaper.

    They can't possibly soundproof a zoo. I just hope they let the fireworks off some distance away.

  • Wicky- one day (maybe in the next life) I shall come over to yours, or you to mine, and we will have tea and cake. It will be splendid.

    Lol everything we do over here comes from the USA!! Only thing we don't really do is thanksgiving.
  • Tea and cake sounds splendid, Serenity.

    The place that I think has it most right is Japan.  They'll celebrate anything.  In fact, their saying is that they are born Shinto (their own religion, a story of its own that is fascinating), married Christian (they like the ceremony), and are buried Buddhist.   They have a lot of their very own festivals that are very unique, but they also love Christmas as a celebration.
  • They charge for going to a bonfire??!?!?!  That sucks.
  • Personally i think fireworks should be banned at all but large public events. They are an anti-social nuisance IMO. I wasn't impressed yesterday walking the dogs in the local wood / park - i could hear what sounded like a pig being slaughtered in the distance. Turned out to be a bloke playing with his toy drone and probably scaring a lot of the dogs there. Drones are great if used by professionals for legit reasons. 
    Signed, Disgusted of Wigtoft. 
  • I would love to receive a parcel by drone delivery...would be cool to see it flying in over the houses and lack in the back garden.

    So you live in a place called Wigtoft? What a thoroughly apt name for a village!
  • The other tradition I really like, though it took me awhile to figure out what it really is, is Boxing Day.  I'm guessing that tradition doesn't appear as much these days unless companies in Britain are more civil than in America.

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