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  • Here's a few examples of my photography skills. They were taken on mobile phones. Some were taken by my step-dad too. 

    This are taken in Mid Wales-Abergavveny, Swansea, Mumbles Bay

    2017-04-22 11.20.02.jpg

    (Hotel looks amazing doesn't it, I bet its expensive to stay the night there though!)

    Old Vintage Train Station

    (What an awesome picture, could do an oil painting of this!)

  • Pictures taken in Southern Spain

  • Those images are not showing up Serenity.
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  • Really coz they were showing when j was on my computer just now
  • Yay I can see my pictures!!!!
  • I'm glad you can, Serenity.  I can't.  Ummm, one more thing I thought of.  You need to be sure to paste the link to the picture, not a page with the picture on it.  I always thought this was a bit difficult to understand.  I had trouble with it myself on some picture website or other.  If there is anything on the page, other than the photo, that's not it.  It's been so long I can't even remember if the right link ends in a photo file type or a website location (i.e. '.jpg' or '.com').  You may have to fiddle it a little.
  • Right click. Copy Image Location.
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  • I've tried Iuv.. this site is just chewing up and spitting out
  • Are you just pasting the link, or are you using the "insert image" function?
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  • I've been clicking on the insert picture function. Fourth function from right hand side. I'm typing the url in but comes up blank or with a broken blank picture
  • Did you delete the text in the box before pasting the location?

    Don't type anything. Right click and copy the "Image Location" from the actual full-sized photo; not from the thumbnail in your library. Then, paste it over the "http://" in the Insert Image box.
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  • imageimage
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  • I don't think you can link to dropbox. Maybe you're using sources that have disallowed linking. Plus, that one looks like a preview--not the actual photo. And you left a space in the URL.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Test
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Yeah, dropbox seems to be crap.  Won't let you do anything unless you are logged in.  I think that is the same with Flickr.  I know that - what was it called, "Photobucket"? used to work fine but you had to make sure the photos weren't set for private.

    I think you've actually got it, S, with the blogspot.  That looks like it would work fine.  I'm guessing that twitter would, also but probably not instagram.  They just never thought I site would be so cheap as to not allow members to post the photos directly, I guess.  

    I hope you get it worked out, S.

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